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What happens to the human body after being bitten by a scorpion?

In the first half of November 2021 to Egypta severe thunderstorm with downpours and hail fell. Heavy raindrops damaged the holes of the poisonous scorpions, after which they fled in panic and ended up right in the places of residence of people. According to the Egyptian Ministry of Health, about 500 people were affected by scorpion bites, with three dead. The victims were treated with antidotes - there were so many victims that the management had to call even doctors who were on vacation to work. The fat-tailed scorpions (Androctonus crassicauda) are especially dangerous for the Egyptians. This news was a good reason to tell how scorpion venom affects the human body.

The fat-tailed scorpion that threatens the inhabitants of Egypt

Who are fat tailed scorpions?

At the moment, science knows about the existence1750 species of scorpions, but among them there are only 25 species with poison that is deadly for humans. The most dangerous are fat-tailed scorpions that inhabit the territory of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other desert places with a hot climate. They got their name crassicauda from the Latin words “crassus” and “cauda”, which together can be translated as “fat tail”. As you can understand, they have a large tail, which is called the metasome.

A fat-tailed scorpion from a different angle

Interesting fact: Generally speaking, scorpions are found in all countries with warm climates. On the territory of Russia, they can be found in the Crimea, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The body of fat-tailed scorpions can be paintedin different colors, ranging from light brown to completely black. The length of the body reaches 10 centimeters, but not taking into account the tail - they also have it quite long. It contains a gland that produces a poison that is destructive to humans. It contains substances that lead to severe poisoning. Fat-tailed scorpion bites are especially dangerous for children, the elderly and patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Scorpionism is poisoning when bitten by a scorpion

Scorpion venom accumulates in the tail, namely in the pear-shaped segment - telsone, which has a needle bent up.The poison contains substances that destroy the human nervous and cardiovascular system. Like many spiders and other venomous creatures, neurotoxins are a great danger. They penetrate nerve cells, which are designed to carry information from the brain to organs and vice versa.

Scorpion sting under a microscope versus a medical needle

When bitten by a scorpion, a person usually experiencesonly slight pain from the injection. After that, the pain begins to intensify - at this time, the poison enters the bloodstream and causes overexcitation of the nervous system. The person begins to experience anxiety, which is a consequence of severe headache, nausea, vomiting, poor coordination of movements and other unpleasant symptoms. In this case, the bite site swells, itches and hurts.

Scorpion structure

Black scorpion bites differ in that almostimmediately cause severe and burning pain. From time to time it dies down, but then it becomes unbearable again. Half an hour after the bite, the victim develops pain in the area of ​​the tongue and gums. Also, cramps of certain muscle groups and even such terrible signs as discharge of purulent fluid from the eyes are not uncommon. If you do not provide a person with medical assistance in time, he may die from suffocation.

There are many poisonous scorpions in the world, but in most cases, people who are stung can be saved

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It is worth noting that there are animals in the world,which are able to survive the bites of dozens of scorpions. We are talking about the Brazilian toads (Rhinella icterica), which for many years behind the scorpions and thus saved people from poisonous creatures. They bring great benefits to humanity, but people themselves do not really like them - the people of Brazil scare them off with salt and other chemicals. You can read more about tiny scorpion rescuers in this article.