What happens if you throw a car onto a big ax? (video)

How Ridiculous YouTube Enthusiasts, byApparently, tired of the forced many months of inactivity caused by the quarantine, they developed a vigorous activity to destroy various objects using a giant ax blade. In the process of "research" from a height of 45 meters, a scooter, a fire extinguisher, cans of drinks and a car were dropped onto a huge ax.

There is a city on the west coast of AustraliaPerth, which has a Center for Gravity Research. The Center's experimental base is located in the town of Gingin, north of Perth. The main object at the base is an inclined tower, which is 45 meters high. The original design makes it possible to carry out experiments with sheer dumping of loads of various weights and sizes using crane equipment.

During the time when there is noscientific research is carried out, it can be rented by everyone who wants to conduct their own experiments. This is what the How Ridiculous group took advantage of. " The enthusiasts made a huge steel ax, which they placed under the tower, blade up. The total mass of the ax was several tons, and the blade was more than one meter long.

The first "victim" of the massive ax wasto become an ocean scooter, but as a result of several unsuccessful attempts, the boat's light hull was never able to land on the sharp blade. Experiments with fire extinguishers and a whole bag of metal cans of drinks were more successful.

The culmination of the experiment was a drop from a height of 45meters of the old car. The test went perfectly - the blade of a giant ax cut the car almost exactly in half. All experiments with dropping objects onto an ax were filmed on a video presented on the How Ridiculous channel.