What happens if the Earth stops spinning around its axis?

Destructive winds literally blowing awayeverything in its path, the terrible cold on the shadow side of the planet and the constant heat on the side forever facing the Sun. ... In such a place there is no place for a person, because every day in such a place could turn into a kind of game for him for survival. What else would await us in a world where the natural process of planet rotation around its axis would somehow be disrupted and could this happen one day with our Earth?

Why do planets rotate?

Do you know that in the universe the process of rotationsubject to almost the entire universe? Planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and even entire clusters of galaxies rotate! Formed in a protoplanetary cloud, future planets get the possibility of axial rotation due to the movement of vortices inside the fog enveloping them. In addition, the axial rotation of the planets is strongly influenced by their collisions with each other and other celestial bodies.

There is an opinion: Or maybe a man in outer space is extra?

If a barely educated planet is nearwith his star, then with a high degree of probability, such a world runs the risk of being in a gravitational capture. Blocked by the gravity of its star, the planet loses the ability to rotate around its axis. It does not bring anything good for the young world, since such a planet is not capable of changing day and night, and its atmosphere, if it somehow managed to form, suffers catastrophic losses.

A world in which we are superfluous

Let's imagine an incredible scenarioof what could happen to the Earth at an early stage of its formation, but, fortunately for us, it did not. Suppose that as a result of an early planetary bowling, our planet has approached the Sun so much that, due to the gravitational influence of the star, our world would be in a tidal capture. For the Earth, this would mean a slow and certain death, since under such conditions the entire earth's surface would be a single continuous lake of lava. Agree, not the most pleasant place for the possible development of mankind!

But what if the Earth would have lost the opportunitymovements around its axis not as a result of ancient collisions with other planets, but because of some kind of cataclysm that could hypothetically happen in our time? Well, in such a scenario, only one thing could please us: we could become witnesses of an event that would become truly grandiose on a planetary scale!

Huge tornadoes would rise in the atmosphere of the planetand hurricanes sweeping away all life in its path. If you survived as a result of their destructive impact, you would surely be unpleasantly surprised that a suffocating heat would gradually establish on one of the hemispheres of the planet, while on the opposite side of the Earth there would come a kingdom of eternal cold and darkness, where you would never get up The sun.

Caution, a huge asteroid the size of a skyscraper flies to Earth

In addition, oxygen on the planet would becomeLess and less. Its content in the atmosphere would decrease in proportion to the freezing of the shadow side of the Earth. Gradually, the planet’s atmosphere would finally condense on the surface, turning our world into a stone scorched by solar radiation.

The only place humanity couldto find a shelter for at least some time, the border between the hemispheres would become. In this twilight zone, one could try to survive, however, given the fact that such a strip of life on the planet would not be too big, and we already have 7 billion people, it would probably be worth staying away from this place. But this is a completely different story ...

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