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What happens if Google disappears

Not every day you think about these issues. But let's imagine for a moment that Google has suddenly disappeared. The company no longer exists. What will become of the world? What will become of the Internet? What will happen to those who use the services of the company every day? We will try to answer all these questions in this material.

What happens if Google disappears

And it’s worth starting with the most important: what does Google do and what does it give the world? Of course, the most important thing is the Google search engine. Without it, users around the world will not be able to efficiently and quickly find the information they need. They will begin to search for an alternative to the search engine. Bing and other similar little-known search engines can come in for replacement, in addition, in some countries, local options will become popular by analogy with the search from Yandex.

For Russia, the lack of Google search should not become a very big problem, by the way, search from Yandex appeared much earlier than Google’s solution on the world wide web.

Gmail will stop working. Chaos will begin, because many can store important information in their mail letters, which can significantly affect the financial condition of the account holder. Millions of people will lose important information, and with it billions of dollars. Everyone knows that information is the most expensive resource in the world.

Gmail can be replaced in Russia by mail or Yandex. Other countries also probably have local mail services. Probably, in this area dominance can pass to Microsoft with its services, including mail.

Everyone knows that YouTube belongs to the company.Google Millions of people around the world make huge money with this site. And the remaining millions are active viewers and use YouTube as a good platform for entertainment and learning. This service today can be called an entertainment center on the Internet. Having lost it, the World Wide Web will become noticeably more boring. In addition, Google uses smart tape and recommendations based on neural networks, it is unlikely that with the advent of alternatives we will be offered the same high-quality video hosting. The only good alternative could be Vimeo.

Google is important for economies in all countries.

Millions of sites around the world in extinctionGoogle will disappear, since they work on Angular - a framework from Google. They will stop displaying the normal font because they use the free Google Fonts. Many sites one way or another use the company's cloud services, Google servers and other tools. The disappearance of a giant can spoil the proper operation of about 30% of sites in the world. Developers will lose many tools, including TensorFlow (a neural network library). We will lose the Chrome browser, but Chromium will remain - this is the Open Source browser on which Chrome works. Consumers will not remain without Android phones, as this is also an Open Source project. But at the same time, we will lose Google services on smartphones, including Google Play. Google’s unmanned vehicle project will disappear, but technically it’s worse than the Yandex project, so there will be no special problems.

On the shelves will no longer belaptops sold on Chrome OS, but this, however, a small loss. There may be a lot to lose to Indians who use the Google’s Internet balloon distribution system.

We also lose the best cartographicservice in the world of Google Maps. In Russia, of course, there are Yandex Maps, and that’s good. Google has huge datasets with various data that it received all the time through its services. Many projects have been created on the basis of these datasets, and their disappearance may affect the projects of all companies in the world to some extent. We will lose the service Google Translate - this is the only normally working translator of speech and text. Worthy alternatives have not yet been invented.

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The smart watch on Android Wear will stop turning on,as well as car multimedia centers on Android Auto. Millions of companies will lose Google as a way to promote their products through the AdSense project. This will lead to a drop in sales and a slowdown in the global economy. Owners of Google Pixel smartphones will be left without their favorite gadgets.

As you can see, the disappearance of Google will affectnegatively throughout the global economy. Losses can reach hundreds of billions of dollars. How do you imagine the disappearance of Google? Share your vision in the comments and don't forget to read the news in our Telegram chat.