What foods are bad for the brain?

Everyone knows the benefits of good nutrition. However, not everyone knows that some foods have a bad effect on brain function. A study published in the journal Nature published a list of foods that are associated with an increased risk of developing certain brain diseases. Fried foods are especially bad for our attention and memory. In addition to the connection of fried foods with the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, fried foods gradually destroy brain nerve cells, impairing our learning ability and our ability to form new memories. Sounds not very nice, right?

If you have breakfast like this every day, nothing good will end


  • 1 Harmful fried foods
  • 2 Harmful semi-finished products
  • 3 The harm of trans fats
  • 4 Coffee Harm
  • 5 Harmful fast food

The harm of fried food

Let's not forget about the dangers of sunflower oil. Unfortunately, when frying it can not be called healthy for health. Despite the fact that the oil is rich in vitamin E, it also contains polyunsaturated acids, which can contribute to blood oxidation and damage to arteries, as well as the development of joint pain, diabetes or obesity. When we cook, vegetable oil becomes another form of fat called saturated. These fats help cholesterol settle in the arteries. After frying, food slowly destroys brain nerve cells, impairing our ability to learn and form new memories.

If you eat fried every day, it’s not good

Damage to convenience foods

Some processed foods are high in sugar,fructose, sodium, partially hydrogenated oils known as trans fats. Pre-cooked and processed foods can be detrimental to brain health. In fact, such food affects the central nervous system and increases the risk of developing a neurodegenerative disorder such as Alzheimer's. It is not a matter of completely eliminating them from our diet, but of preserving the health of the brain and body - and to do this, eat semi-finished foods as little as possible.

Semi-finished products provoke the development of Alzheimer's disease

The harm of trans fats

Neurology magazine published study findingswhich states that high consumption of trans fats (like french fries) is associated with brain diseases. The fact is that trans fats slow down reflexes and brain response and increase the risk of stroke. Diets high in trans fats increase the amount of beta-amyloids in the brain, which is associated with Alzheimer's disease. And this is in addition to evidence that trans fats are harmful to the heart and contribute to weight gain.

Next time when buying french fries, do not forget about trans fats

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Coffee damage

Despite the fact that caffeine helps the brain to beon the alert, he also has a dark side. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has stated that 600 milligrams of caffeine per day can cause headaches, increase anxiety, and lead to sleep disturbances. Excessive caffeine intake can lead to hallucinations, confusion, and ultimately death.

Coffee lovers, don't get carried away with this gourmet drink

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The harm of fast food

Fast food leads to changes in brain chemistry,causing symptoms similar to withdrawal, including anxiety and even depression. Fast food also affects the production of dopamine - a hormone that is not only responsible for the ability to have fun, but also affects our learning ability, motivation and memory. Thus, the abuse of fast food (if you eat it more than 3 or 4 times a week) can not only lead to obesity and other heart problems, but also adversely affect the functioning of your brain.

Think carefully before eating pizza and hamburgers more than three times a week.

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