What food causes cancer

"You are what you eat." A fairly well-known saying, which, of course, should not be taken literally. However, the truth in this statement is that food is the foundation of our lives. And, by using low-quality or harmful products, we endanger our health. A lot is known about the effect of food on the development of cancer, but recently a group of researchers has identified one of the most harmful products that cause cancer. At the same time, scientists warned of something similar for a very long time.

Vegetable oil is hazardous to health

By and large, the fact that products,fried in vegetable oil, not the best way affect our health, almost everyone knows. But almost all of the earlier studies on the health effects of this cooking method were mainly focused on healthy people and related to the cardiovascular system. However, scientists have now begun to study the effect of frying oil consumption on the development of inflammatory bowel diseases and colon cancer.

According to the publication Medicalxpress, in a recenta study on the prevention of intestinal cancer, scientists have shown that feeding mice products prepared using frying in vegetable oil increases the likelihood of developing inflammation of the colon by several times, enhances tumor growth and worsens intestinal patency. What contributes to the growth and development of bacteria and the entry of toxic products of their vital functions into the bloodstream.

People at risk of developing inflammatory andOncological diseases should be aware of this study, says Professor Jiangan Zhang, one of the authors of the work. We do not claim that in 100% of cases, eating food cooked in boiling oil causes the development of cancer. We just say that such food increases the risk of its occurrence.

For their experiments, researchersused the most common vegetable oil, heated to a temperature of just over 150 degrees in a standard deep fat fryer. Under these conditions, scientists prepared falafels, which fed the first group of laboratory animals. The second group acted as a control, and she received food with the addition of fresh oil. Moreover, experts also conducted a chemical analysis of razoretochnogo oil (pre-cooling it) and found that it contains a huge amount of fatty acids and their oxidation products.

This is interesting: A way to fight cancer without harm to the body was found.

As a result, it turned out that the diet withusing heated oil, as already indicated, provokes the growth of tumors and the development of inflammation of the large intestine. Experts say that the number of tumors recorded in representatives of the first group was twice as high as in mice that did not abuse deep-fried foods. Do you cook deep-fried food and will you do it after this news? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

Frying foods in boiling oil can hardly be called healthy.

To test my hypothesis thatthe oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which occurs when the oil is heated, contributes to the inflammatory effect, the researchers separately isolated these compounds from frying oil and fed them to mice. The results were “very similar” to the results of an experiment in which mice were fed with frying oil.

Scientists themselves still say that they needadditional studies in order to fully confirm their assumptions and eliminate the likelihood of error. In the future, scientists want to develop dietary recommendations for eating foods cooked in vegetable oil.