What fairy tales do the children of Russia and the United States grow up on?

Each nation has its own fairy tales -works of literature with a magical and heroic plot. As a rule, such stories are intended for children, because they help parents to convey important information to them without reading notations, which usually cause aggression and rejection. Fairy tales help children build up the correct moral values, develop the emotional and volitional sphere, increase self-esteem and increase vocabulary. In general, fairy tales are an entertaining attribute of high-quality upbringing and socialization of children. Recently, American scientists decided to find out what kind of fairy tales the inhabitants of Russia and the United States read to their children. Very interesting results were obtained.

Scientists have found out what fairy tales people of Russia and the USA read to children

What fairy tales are read to children in Russia and the USA?

The results of this scientific work were published in the scientific journal Emotion. To identify the difference between American and Russian fairy tales, a two-step study was conducted.

Fairy tales help explain important things to children without recourse to lectures

During the first stage, 322 parents with children under 10 years of age were selected as volunteers. Men and women were divided into three groups according to the following parameters:

  • 178 parents were born and lived in Russia;
  • 72 parents were born and lived in the United States;
  • 72 parents were born in Russia, but later moved to the United States.

Study participants were asked to tellwhat fairy tales they read to their children. In particular, scientists were interested in what kind of emotions are conveyed by their preferred stories. According to co-author of the work Anita Adams, many parents chose fairy tales that evoke positive emotions - this is not surprising, because many like books with some degree of positiveness. However, parents who spent most of their lives in Russia more often than Americans chose fairy tales with a lot of negative emotions.

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Features of Russian fairy tales

During the second stage of scientific work, the researchersstudied 40 best-selling books in Russia and the United States, which are intended for preschool children. To assess how often there are positive and negative emotions, scientists looked at both the text and illustrations. The analysis showed that books popular in Russia represent a much wider range of emotions than American books. While happiness and grief are combined in Russian fairy tales, and fear and anger are mentioned, American books focus more on joy and pride in the nation.

It seems that in Russian culture all emotions are appreciated, inincluding negative ones, and it is important to correctly assess their significance, - noted Yulia Chentsova-Dutton, who is the corresponding author of the study.

Based on all these observations, scientists took a chancesuggest that Russian parents are more likely to be willing to talk to their children about complex topics than US fathers and mothers. In the course of subsequent scientific work, the researchers want to find out whether the “Russian approach” helps to raise children spiritually stronger and more prepared for the complexities of adulthood.

Fairy tales are believed to help raise children correctly.

Features of fairy tales of the peoples of the world

You probably already know that the originals of manyfairy tales are not meant for children. You can even say that they are not recommended to anyone at all, because they are replete with creepy details. An example is the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" by Charles Perrault. In the version of the French poet, the wolf eats the grandmother and the girl, but the hunters passing by save them. But in the original, the wolf just eats the girl - no good ending, but just a harsh lesson for children not to talk to strangers.

In fact, the originals of some fairy tales have a creepy ending.

And some peoples have fairy tales by themselvesweird and creepy. For example, in Africa, stories are popular that explain the origin of the sun and moon, stars, fire and animals. One of the tales tells how the animals acquired horns - a wise turtle gave out shoots so that animals could resist people with spears and swords. Some predators refused such a gift because the horns are too heavy and they have enough of their claws. And the pig simply did not have time to pick up the horns, so since then it has been constantly grumbled and digging in the ground in search of horns.

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