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What essential oils accelerate wound healing?

Thousands of people around the world dailythe world receives various wounds, the healing of which takes quite a lot of time. To accelerate this process, scientists from around the world are developing technologies like special 3D printers to print new skin. But did you know that human tissues are able to recover faster even after applying essential oils? These volatile substances with a pronounced smell are extracted from plants and subsequently, as a rule, are used for aromatherapy. But they also contain a substance called beta-karyofillen, which significantly accelerates one of the stages of restoration of human tissues and has other interesting properties. They were discovered during a laboratory study conducted by scientists from the US state of Indiana.

Essential oils are able to heal wounds faster.

The results of the study were written inscientific journal PLOS ONE. During the experiment, scientists applied small cuts to the bodies of laboratory mice and treated them with various essential oils. In the course of scientific work, it was revealed that the aforementioned beta-caryophyllene triggers an anti-inflammatory reaction in living organisms and is found in large quantities in essential oils of lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang and other plants. It was also revealed during the test that vegetable oils also stimulate the appearance of new cells, which also speeds up the healing process.

Excellent essential oils are extracted from lavender

How do wounds heal?

The scientists explained the acceleration of healing cutsthe fact that beta-caryophyllene reduces the duration of some stages of wound healing. The fact is that after the bleeding stops on a fresh wound, inflammatory processes are launched, the duration of which can be reduced precisely due to the influence of essential oils. After stopping inflammation, the phase of growth of new tissues begins, which, under the influence of oils, also proceeds faster than usual.

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According to the researchers, they are among the firstrevealed anti-inflammatory properties of plant essential oils. They are confident that thanks to the substances contained in lavender, rosemary and other plants, the skin tissues of living creatures are restored much faster and with minimal scarring and scarring. Only now at the moment the benefits of essential oils in wound healing have been proven only in laboratory mice.

The benefits of essential oils vary by manufacturer.

In this regard, the researchers so far recommendpeople do not self-medicate and if they are seriously injured, consult a doctor immediately. In their opinion, the effectiveness of essential oils greatly depends on how they were extracted, the age of the plants used, and many other important factors. Thus, the fragrant oil bought in a pharmacy in the treatment of wounds can be completely useless.

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In the future, the authors of the study want to find outin what way oils stop inflammatory processes and stimulate the growth of new cells. Perhaps they will be able to figure out what other substances beta-caryophillenes can be mixed to achieve a stronger healing effect.