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What does the sun sound like?

The sun is the closest star to our planet,playing an extremely important role for our comfortable existence in the Universe. With a unique set of characteristics, the Sun seems to us an absolutely quiet and almost harmless object, even compared to its small neighbors in the galaxy - M-dwarfs, which emit a huge amount of radiation and electromagnetic noise. If the cosmic vacuum did not impede the movement of sound, what would noise coming from the sun look like? This question was asked by authors from the scientific journal Astronomy, who decided to conduct a new study in one of their articles. It turned out that despite the fact that our Sun seems calm, in fact, the noise that a star emits could simply drive us crazy under certain conditions. So what are the sounds of the sun like?

The sounds of the sun could easily drive us crazy

The sun is capable of making strange noises

A massive ball of superheated plasma, whichis our Sun, by its nature, constantly undergoes convection cycles in which millions of pockets of excessively hot gases alternately rise and fall with a tremendous roar. Fortunately for all mankind, the vacuum is not capable of making any sounds, however, even if we could hear them once, it would be unlikely that we could appreciate their melody.

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Heliophysicist Craig Deforest of the Space DepartmentResearch at the Southwestern Research Institute believes that in vacuum-free conditions, our Sun nearby could “scream” as if 10,000 Earths were completely covered with police sirens.

Each “cell” of the sun’s surface is similar to the size of the state of Texas in North America.

Given the fact that the Earth is on148 million kilometers from the Sun, sound from a star in the vicinity of our planet could reach 100 decibels, which is similar to the performance of music at a modern rock concert. However, if a short stay in such conditions is not particularly dangerous for humans, then the existence throughout our lives under the influence of high noise levels could hardly be called a pleasant pastime. At a minimum, you and I would have had serious hearing impairment. In the worst case scenario, we would simply die out, hardly appearing on the planet in the form of more or less developed creatures.

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Be that as it may, consider our universean absolutely “dumb" place would be wrong. Every second, all objects in the Universe exchange electromagnetic waves, various types of radiations and “noises” with each other due to the “sound” ability of stars, pulsars and even black holes. You and I would never be able to hear these “sounds” without special equipment that is capable of translating the radiation of our universe into wave vibrations familiar to our ears.

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