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What does the most dangerous spider in the world look like?

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the most dangerousthe Brazilian wandering spider has been recognized as the world's spider. Due to its toxic properties, an arthropod bite can cause muscle paralysis, which can lead to suffocation and respiratory arrest. Despite the presence of such outstanding abilities, it seems that the wandering spider has an even more formidable competitor. So, a recent find by scientists from Mexico is able to remove the Brazilian wandering spider from a leading position, because the poison of the discovered creature can cause extensive necrotic lesions, causing the victim’s skin to literally rot before his eyes.

Scientists have been able to identify a new species of spiders - Loxosceles tenochtitlan

What is the most poisonous spider in the world dangerous?

According to an article published on the, a team of scientists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) was able to discover a new species of spider, which was called Loxosceles tenochtitlan. The spider was found in a Mexican valley on a high plateau, right next door to people, namely, in their own homes. The new spider was named after the city of Tenochtitlan, which was once considered the ancient capital of the Aztec empire.

The arachnid belongs to the genus Loxosceles,representatives of which have powerful poison that can cause rotting and destruction of the skin. It is known that in some cases the width of the necrotic lesion reaches up to 40 centimeters.

Despite the healing of the affectedthe site takes a fairly long period of time, spider venom is not fatal, except in exceptional and rare cases. However, if spider venom enters the child’s body, it can cause the destruction of red blood cells, while increasing the risk of death.

It was difficult for scientists to identify the type of spider, since it has many similarities with several species

Despite all the toxicity of the spider venom, the spideronly attacks in case of a threat to life. So, when searching for a female at night, males of the Loxosceles genus often end up in a dead end, entangled in clothes or sheets, and then find themselves on unprotected human skin.

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The genus Loxosceles is known as the hermit spider anda violin spider who prefers to live in recesses located between furniture and walls. Due to the appropriate temperature, humidity and the availability of food in people's homes, Loxosceles live comfortably next to people, which in turn increases the risk of an accident.

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Despite the danger to humans and not too pleasant appearance, the spiders of the genus Loxosceles perform an important ecological function, using other insects as food.