What does Chernobyl look like today?

From the day of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which changedthe fate of hundreds of thousands of people, it took 33 years. On April 26, 1986, one of the most terrible environmental disasters in history occurred, which left a dark imprint on Soviet nuclear power engineering. An accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, as a result of which a huge amount of radioactive particles was emitted into the atmosphere. The city of Pripyat, where according to official figures 47,500 thousand people lived before the accident, at the time it was empty. In less than a day, 1,200 buses took people out of the danger zone who did not understand the danger of what was happening. They thought they would be back in a few days. But this move was permanent. However, the city is not dead.

Do people live in Chernobyl today?

Today, in the vicinity of Chernobyl lives no morethousands of people. The so-called autocrats. These are people who, for whatever their reasons, decided to stay here or return. In addition, about 3,000 people serve the exclusion zone enterprises, coming here on a rotational basis.

Tourism in Chernobyl

One of the favorite activities of tourists isfeeding local catfish living in the river near the Chernobyl NPP. They say that they grow big not because of radiation, but because they are often fed. There are a lot of tourists

Interest in the Chernobyl subject still remains.since then All these years it has been fueled by dozens and hundreds of various publications, books, films, games and TV shows. Yes, today Pripyat does not look at all like it looked 33 years ago. The clean streets and squares were overgrown with grass, bushes and trees, the houses were dilapidated, children's laughter in the playgrounds was replaced by cries of wild animals, which in abundant numbers settled here. Nature all this time gradually returned her own. The picture is terrible, but it attracts huge flows of tourists.

Yes, there is tourism here. Everything is official and legal. Anyone can see Pripyat with their own eyes. Several companies conduct excursions for those who like to tickle their nerves and are ready to pay for it. Little. Depends, of course, on the selected day. But on average, for the opportunity to wander around the local attractions for Ukrainians is about $ 50 (about 3,000 rubles). For foreign citizens - 100-150 (about 6000-9000 rubles). Probably appreciate more. A separate item of expenditure is the entrance fee to the “zone”, which the administration charges. Besides,

For tourists even opened a few souvenirshops, medical center and places to sleep, if you decide to stay for a few days. Not five stars, but it is quite possible to take a break from an active walk.

People who organize such tours say thatRecently, the demand for such types of services has increased significantly - by about 30-40 percent compared to last year. If in 2018 about 70 thousand tourists from around the world visited Chernobyl, then in 2019 it is expected that 110-150 thousand people will visit the "Zone".

According to the same guides, a very largeThe recent Chernobyl series from HBO played a role in the heightened interest in Pripyat, surprising the whole world with its believability and presentation. The fact that it is true and what is not - you can read, for example, in this material.

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Is it dangerous to visit Chernobyl? All excursion routes have long been worked out. According to people who have been working in Pripyat for more than one year, the background radiation is slightly higher than that in megacities. During the day of the excursion, a person will receive approximately the same dose as an hour and a half flight in an airplane. This is about 160 times less than the dose received in one fluorography and 3,600 times less than in a single CT scan.

There are of course those who are official excursionsnot interesting. The so-called stalkers who penetrate into the “exclusion zone” illegally alone or in groups. Such people are caught, a protocol is drawn up, photographic equipment is withdrawn, fined and released, having previously checked for radiation contamination. If you find a souvenir from the area in things, there will be much more problems. This is a criminal case. Nevertheless, even this does not stop many. Romance. Or idiots.

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What does Chernobyl look like today?

The network has a selection of photos of landscapes,made during one of the last summer excursions to the “exclusion zone”. Judging by the pictures, the nature is not at all hampered by the presence of a high radiation background, which, although it has decreased several thousand times since the accident, but still makes this territory uninhabitable.

Horse Przewalski. Brought here as an experiment in the late 90s. Scientists wanted to see if they would take root. Caught on

The famous radar Doug. Used for early detection of intercontinental ballistic missile launches

Trees grow even in houses

In the city, wild animals roam. Tourists are not afraid. They feed them

How plants and animals managed to survive in such conditions, we wrote in one of our previous articles. Quite interesting, we recommend to read.

Photo: Тtrinixy