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What diseases can regular consumption of chili peppers save?

In our channel on Yandex.We often write Zen about the benefits of certain products for the human body. For example, we recently wrote that daily consumption of two apples significantly reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases by lowering blood cholesterol. However, in the world there are other products useful for humans, among which are hot chili peppers. It is an integral part of Italian cuisine and has long been considered an effective protector against various diseases. However, the healing properties of pepper have almost never been scientifically proven, so Italian scientists with the Neuromed Institute of Mediterranean Neurology decided to fill this gap.

Chili Peppers Can Save From Cardiovascular Disease

The results of their study werepublished in the scientific publication Eurekalert. Scientists led by epidemiologist Marialaura Bonachio examined the health data of 22,811 Italians living in a region called Molise. For 8 years, they have been monitoring their diet and health status. During this period, 1236 deaths of study participants were recorded. The main causes of death were cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The benefits of chili peppers for the human body

However, researchers noted the relationship betweenthe love of some people for chili peppers and their lack of certain diseases. Thus, Italians, who ate meals with chili peppers at least four times a week, were 40% less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Researchers also noted that these people were twice as likely to suffer from the so-called cerebrovascular diseases. These diseases are disorders of the brain due to circulatory disorders.

Italians love to add pepper to many dishes

It is noteworthy that the benefits of chili pepper receivedall people, regardless of their main diet. They could easily eat meat or be vegetarians and this did not affect the beneficial properties of dishes with the addition of pepper. Researchers also noted that chili pepper lovers, for the most part, also consumed other healthy foods with the same love, like garlic and parsley.

Did you know that pepper grows even in space?

According to researcher Licia Yakoviello, pepperChili is a major component of Italian food culture. They are so popular in the country that their images can be found even on antique jewelry. For centuries, Italians have consumed pepper, relying on its benefits, which adults have told them about since childhood. Now the benefits of this product are scientifically proven, so pepper lovers have a good reason not to give up their favorite foods.

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In the future, researchers want to find out whichit is the components of pepper that positively affect the human body. Pepper contains a lot of substance called capsaicin, which is colorless and has a burning taste. In addition to chili pepper, it is also found in other varieties of this product, so people from almost any region of our planet can benefit from it.