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What disease can dogs from pet stores infect humans?

More recently, we talked about howA 63-year-old German resident died of a disease that his own dog had given him. In fact, pets can cause quite a few problems with human health. For example, they can infect people with bacteria called Campylobacter jejuni, which cause diarrhea, fever, and nausea. Recently in the USA there was a surge of this unpleasant disease, and dogs from the same network of pet stores became its distributors. There are no fatalities at the moment, but hospital officials warn that the bacteria transmitted by dogs are not afraid of most antibiotics prescribed for poisoning. So what happened to infected people?

Dogs can infect humans with dangerous bacteria.

According to the Center for Control and Preventiondiseases of the United States, by December 17, doctors were aware of at least 30 cases of infection with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The staff of the center managed to contact 24 patients and find out that 21 of them really had contact with dogs recently. Among them were 15 visitors to pet stores, and 12 of them visited Petland, a popular pet store in Ohio. Five victims were employees of these stores.

Why are dogs dangerous besides aggression?

After taking tests from patients, the doctors found thatall are infected with Campylobacter jejuni bacteria. As a rule, they enter the human body through animal feces and cause symptoms of poisoning, including nausea, diarrhea, and fever. These bacteria can also cause poisoning of animals, but in some individuals no symptoms are observed. In humans, symptoms usually go away on their own, but in rare cases, doctors are forced to prescribe antibiotics.

Bacteria Campylobacter jejuni

Only here most of them are like tetracyclineand azithromycin are useless in the fight against bacteria. In complex cases of poisoning, complications can occur leading to death. Fortunately, so far no deaths have been observed, but hospital officials are urging people to be extremely careful. At a minimum, they advise washing their hands after almost every contact with dogs. Otherwise, dangerous bacteria can enter the human body with food.

Do you know that once an American lost her arms and legs after a dog licked her?

By the way, this is not the first outbreak of diarrhea,transmitted by dogs. The last case of a massive disease occurred in 2016. Then at least 113 people were infected with bacteria, and every fifth of them ended up in the hospital. Subsequently, only four people have been hospitalized at this time, and it is hoped that their number will not increase.

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It is important to note that you need to wash your hands thoroughlyafter contact with any animal. After all, even cats can infect us with dangerous diseases such as toxoplasmosis. This disease can cause damage to many human organs, and the eyes can be especially affected. You can read more about this in our special material.