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What dangerous substances enter the bloodstream with sunblock creams?

In 2019, the Office of Quality SupervisionFood and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that chemicals in tanning creams penetrate the human body in particularly dangerous quantities. This became known during a study in which large concentrations of avobenzene, oxybenzone, octocrylene and mexoril were found in the blood of sunbathers. These substances can actually harm human health, but the study was criticized because too few people participated in it. After all, who knows, what if a larger study suddenly reveals that high concentrations of the constituents of sunscreens are completely safe for people? To finally determine whether dangerous substances get into the blood of a person when using sunscreens, scientists conducted another study.

The components of sunscreens can enter the bloodstream

The results of a larger study werenarrated in the JAMA scientific journal. If last year the blood tests of 24 people were studied in scientific work, now a group of 48 healthy men and women has taken part in the study. They were randomly asked to use one of four sunscreens for four days. On the first day they were required to cover 75% of the body with cream, and on the following days they had to use the product four times a day.

Do you know that sunlight damages the skin even in the shade?

Sunscreen damage

Researchers monitored healthparticipants in the experiment for 21 days. During this time, they took 34 blood samples and found out that potentially dangerous substances penetrated their blood after the first use of sunscreens. In human analyzes, substances such as avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, homosalate, octisalate and octinoxate were found. These constituents of creams are involved in the absorption of ultraviolet radiation, but can also cause some damage to the human body. Which one is still unknown, so scientists have to conduct additional research.

Despite the results of the study, it’s definitely not worth stopping to use tanning creams

In the course of scientific work, it was also found thatthe active components of sunscreens stay in the body for quite some time. For example, ultraviolet-absorbing avobenzone was found in the blood of test subjects even after 7 days from the day the tanning agent was applied. Other substances were stored in the blood of people in large quantities for three or more days.

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With all this, the question of whetherthe above substances harm, remains open. Until now, scientists have been able to identify the possible harm of only one of them - avobenzone. In 2017, Russian researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry of Moscow State University managed to find out that in chlorinated water, under the influence of sunlight, it decomposes into harmful chemical compounds. In particular, we are talking about the so-called phenols and chlorinated acetophenones, the latter of which are contained in tear mixtures.

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So, scientists were able to prove that the compositethe components of sunscreens really easily enter human blood and circulate in it for several days. However, the danger of most of these substances has not been proven, so consider sunscreens hazardous to health is not worth it. One thing is clear - ultraviolet rays certainly harm our body and can cause the development of fatal diseases. Therefore, it is definitely necessary to use sunscreen, even despite the results of the study described above.

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