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What causes tooth decay and how to protect teeth?

According to the World Health Organization,dental caries is the most common disease in the world. Over time, teeth affected by caries begin to ache and, in order to get rid of the terrible sensations, you need to undergo an unpleasant and rather expensive treatment. In severe cases, the affected teeth have to be removed altogether, after which it is recommended to install expensive dental implants. To prevent tooth decay, you need to brush them every day with a brush and special floss. But in the future, oral hygiene may become easier because Chinese scientists have developed a gel that protects teeth from tooth decay. Perhaps it is thanks to this invention that we will be able to brush our teeth much less often than now. The new dental remedy is called peptide varnish and, in essence, simply enhances the natural defense mechanisms of the human body. Let's see how it works.

In China, a product has been developed that protects teeth from caries

Causes of caries

During the day, on every person's teetha film of various microbes is formed, which is better known as plaque. In the course of their vital activity, the sugars contained in the food we eat are converted into acids. Under their influence, the enamel, which is the protective shell of each tooth, begins to dissolve. Over time, due to this destruction, black cavities form on the teeth. When the damage becomes most severe, the person begins to feel severe pain. Many people ignore tooth decay until this stage and only after the onset of pain they go to the dentist. Caries treatment is reduced to the fact that the doctor removes the damaged parts of the tooth and fills the resulting cavities with composite plastic or other safe substances.

In order not to spend heaps of money on caries treatment, it is easier to prevent its occurrence

What is saliva for?

The main task of saliva is that itmoisturizes the mouth, softens food and makes it easier to swallow. But besides this, it is also needed to destroy microbes that enter the human oral cavity. The substances contained in saliva envelop the teeth and form a film that prevents harmful microbes from destroying the enamel. It would seem - why brush your teeth at all if there is saliva? And the thing is that modern food contains too much sugar and natural protection against caries is powerless.

Modern food is high in sugar and is especially harmful to teeth

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Caries prevention

But Chinese scholars led by Professor QuanLi Li (Quan Li Li) found a way to strengthen this protection. According to the scientific journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, they found the H5 peptide in saliva to be particularly effective against bacteria. This substance is well absorbed by the tooth enamel and destroys a wide range of bacteria. To increase the strength of this substance, scientists have added particles of phosphorus to its molecules, which is important for the health of tooth enamel. Thanks to this trick, the developed gel not only protects teeth from bacteria, but also restores damaged enamel.

There may be more oral hygiene products in the future

According to researchers, with regularusing peptide varnish, microbes will die even before contact with enamel. It should be noted that this remedy does not cure existing caries. Therefore, it can be applied only after the treatment of existing carious holes. There is a chance that peptide polish will become as important an oral hygiene product as a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss in the future.

Peptide varnish prevents germs from reaching the enamel

When exactly peptide varnish will be on sale,not yet known. Apparently, this will not happen soon, because the product must successfully pass tests before it appears on the shelves. In the meantime, there is no such miracle remedy, you need to protect your teeth from dangerous bacteria yourself. To do this, you need to thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day, as well as clean their gaps with dental floss. For complete protection, you can also buy an irrigator that additionally removes food debris with powerful jets of water. And, of course, it's important to cut down on high-sugar foods.

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