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What causes a person to bleed from the eyes?

The human body is a complex system that presents completely unexpected and sometimes very frightening surprises. Recently ophthalmologists from the Indian city of New Delhi talked aboutA 14-year-old girl who suddenly began to pour blood from her eyes. According to her mother, whose name is kept secret, red streaks of blood flow down the child’s cheeks for several minutes 2-3 times a day. In a horror movie, this would be explained by an obsession with the devil, but you and I live in the real world and there are quite scientific explanations for this phenomenon. Messages about patients from whose eyes bloody tears flowed have been published in newspapers many times and scientists already know the approximate causes of this phenomenon.

There are many cases in history when people bleed from their eyes

Ophthalmology - This is a field of medicine that studies the structure of human eyes, their diseases and treatment methods. Doctors who deal with vision problems are called ophthalmologists.

Blood from the eyes

The phenomenon of bloody tears pouring from human eyes is called hemolacria. The color of the liquid released is not necessary.bright red. Both weakly stained and tears saturated with red color can flow on the cheeks of patients. In some cases, this unusual and very rare phenomenon is accompanied by bleeding from the nose and even the scalp. There are also cases when, with hemolacria, people had a headache.

Some species of lizards bleed blood from their eyes to scare predators

Researchers know several probablecauses of bleeding eyes. Sometimes blood appears due to damage to the lacrimal glands, which are located on the front of the eyes and are responsible for the production of tears. The excreted fluid is needed by humans and animals to wet the surface of the eyes and to cleanse them of dirt.

Few people know about this, but there are three types of lacrimal glands:

  • the main lacrimal glands located at the edges of the eyes, near the nose;
  • additional lacrimal glands of Wolfring, which in the amount of 8 pieces are located in the tissue covering the inner side of the eyelids;
  • additional lacrimal glands of Krause, which in the amount of 42-96 pieces are located above the inner side of the eyelids.

There are also cases where hemolacria occurred due to eye infections and hormonal disruptions - for example, during menstruation in women.

The main lacrimal gland of the human eye

Rare disease

According to the mother of a 14-year-old girl, the child bleed painlessly from her eyes, she just suddenly started to flow and that’s all.

I am afraid for the health of my daughter. The blood flowing from her eyes is terrible. I hope there will be no such cases in the future, ”she shared during a conversation with the ophthalmologists who examined the girl.

During the examination of the patient, the doctors did not findsigns of trauma and weirdness in her blood tests. Even while in the hospital, the girl from time to time continued to cry with bloody tears. The medical literature describes several cases of bleeding in the eyes, and in the case of a girl, this phenomenon could be associated with the onset of menstruation. Because of what exactly, during menstruation, bloody tears can flow in women, scientists do not know - there were simply such coincidences in history. But the doctors still could not connect menstruation and hemolacria in the case of a child - for the beginning of menstruation, she is still too young.

The same girl with bloody tears

But in the case of a 14-year-old girl namedTwinkle Dwivedi, a hormonal breakdown could very well provoke the appearance of tears with blood. About this case, a dozen years ago, the National Geographic publication talked about and even shot the documentary The Girl Who Cries Blood about it.

There is also a case from 1991, when scientistsstudied the tears of 125 healthy women. Researchers found blood particles in the tears of some of the volunteers, but there were so few that they were outwardly invisible. At the same time, almost all of them had an active menstrual cycle - which means there is still an interconnection between bloody tears and menstruation in women.

But here's the bad luck: in history there is a case when blood particles in tears were detected even in a man. This means that the unusual phenomenon may have other reasons.

In general, finding out the cause of blood inhuman tears - a very difficult task, full of contradictions. What caused the troubles of the 14-year-old girl is still not clear to researchers. However, they assure that there are no reasons for special experiences. Bloody tears can disappear as quickly as they arose.

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In addition to hemolacria, in medicine there is another interesting term - hematohydrosis. This word means occurrence in a personblood sweat. In 2017, my colleague Ilya Hel wrote about this unusual phenomenon. This is a very interesting story, so I highly recommend that you read it!