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What can your joint photo with a partner in social networks talk about?

Scrolling through a news feed on social networks, you oftenYou may notice that many of your friends and acquaintances publish joint images with their pairs as the main profile photo. Researchers in social psychology who are interested in understanding the patterns of behavior of people in social networks have decided to study in more detail the motives of individuals showing other Internet users the details of their personal lives. So what can a couple picture mean as an avatar on a user page in a well-known social network?

What can a “steamy” picture of an avatar tell?

Psychology of avatars on social networks

The so-called “dyadic manifestations”, whichthey are unknowingly used by people in order to send an important message to potential competitors, they may include the appearance of a romantic partner of your friend as the main photo in her profile, claims portal.

In a recent study that was directedTo study the behavior of Internet users in social networks, psychologists analyzed the percentage correspondence of the status “in relations” or “married” with photos of users published as avatars. As a result of the experiment, it turned out that 29% of all romantically inclined Facebook users had a joint profile photo with their couple. 70% had officially declared the status of dyadic relations - for example, “in relations”. In addition, study participants mentioned their romantic partner in 15% of recent Facebook updates.

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Some people are more likely to usedyadic manifestations than others. Psychologists argue that the more jealous a person is in relation to his romantic partner, the more likely that he will publish his relationship status for demonstration to other people.

People with an anxious attachment style whooften worry about the possibility of betrayal by the partner, they also often use a photo of a dyadic profile and publish the status of relations on Facebook. In contrast, there are people who adhere to an evading attachment style and who prioritize the preservation of their independence. These individuals are unlikely to demonstrate their marital fidelity in such a public manner.

A joint photo with a partner in social networks can talk about existing jealousy in a couple’s relationship

Intentionally emphasizing your romanticstatus on the Internet can also indicate the presence of uncertainty in the feelings of a partner in an existing pair from at least one of its members. So, according to the study, people are more likely to publish information regarding relationships on those days when they feel more insecure about their partner’s feelings for them than usual.

One possible reason for this behaviorit may be that people in a romantic relationship often include their partner in their self-concept, seeing the partner as part of themselves. In addition, by publicly showing his relationship to other people, one of the partners is trying to protect his relationship from the threats that currently exist on social networks. So, former partners, romantic rivals and alternative partners can be “neutralized” with the help of a successful photo.

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Another explanation for public relations can bebe low self-esteem of a social network user. Demonstrating an ideal relationship to his environment, one of the partners is trying to prove to himself and others that he has a sense of self-worth.

Be that as it may, the researchers note thatposting a personal photo on popular social networks forms a positive impression on other users. So, the placement of paired photos and statuses about “marital status” leads to the fact that other people begin to perceive the owner of the profile as a prettier person and more prone to loyal relationships.