What can change the phone number to a new one

Today the transition to another number is fraught withcertain dangers. How to avoid surprises when buying? When registering a new number with a telephone operator, there is a risk of inheriting the problems of the previous subscriber. It is almost impossible to buy a clean room without history.

The fact is, each cell company is allocatedcertain range of numbers. Gradually, they go into use among network subscribers. But over time, operators are again forced to release previously withdrawn numbers into circulation. Of course, before a new release, the issue goes through a six-month “quarantine” so that the history is cleared. However, operators are not responsible for the actions of the previous owner of the SIM card: to whom he left the number, in which companies and organizations he may still be listed.

Sergey Kuzmenko, Senior Digital Product Testing Specialist, Roskachestvo: “To be on the safe side, it’s best not to buy at all.used card. When concluding an agreement with a mobile operator, ask if the number had an owner before. If “yes”, then it is better to refuse the purchase. No one knows what "past" the former subscriber has."

How to act as a new owner
Another nasty scenario may be waitingnew owner - the inability to register in social networks and applications such as public services. The reason is that the number has already been specified. In this case, it is recommended to contact the site or social network administrator and report that the owner of the number has changed.

Sergey Kuzmenko, Senior Digital Product Testing Specialist, Roskachestvo: “The new owner of the SIM card may well receiveaccess to the accounts of the previous user in social networks, if they remained tied to a phone number, and not to mail. Therefore, when you stop using the number, be sure to untie it from all accounts and bank cards. Don't leave loopholes for cybercriminals."

If they call from third parties, referring to the name of the previous owner of the phone number
In the case of calls from third-party organizations that refer to the name of the previous owner, it is enough to say that the number has been reissued and ask to be deleted from the database.

According to the law of the Federal Law No. 152 "On the processingpersonal data” you have the right to demand the termination of the processing of personal data. Such a response should have a good effect on any advertisers of the service, since legal entities are aware that violation of the rules for consent to the processing of personal data (CAO Part 2, Article 13.11) is punishable by a fine of 30 to 150 thousand rubles. Moreover, the new owner of the number did not give any consent, for example, to receive promotional materials.

If the calls do not stop, you can writeapplication to Roskomnadzor (the layout of the application is located on the website of the department). They must check and report whether the company really has the right to process data or violates the law.

Source: Press Release Roskachestvo