What are toothbrushes and why are they not enough for proper cleaning?

According to the American Dental Association, 9 out of 10 people brush their teeth incorrectly, which leads to an increase in diseases arising inoral cavity. Despite the fact that most people really consider brushing their teeth important, perceiving it precisely as a hygienic procedure, and not getting rid of an unpleasant odor, it makes little difference. Some simply do not have the patience to brush in their mouths for 2-3 minutes, others unknowingly clean only the visible part of the teeth, ignoring the blind spots, and still others do not even realize that it is necessary to clean not only the surface, but also to clean the spaces between the teeth. And, meanwhile, everything has its own devices.

Only 1 in 10 people brush their teeth correctly

Many people think electric brushes whim, but those who buy advanced solutionswith all kinds of sensors and tools to help brush your teeth, they are called greasy. But this is far from the case. It has been proven time and again that electrically driven solutions are more effective in cleaning teeth than conventional ones. But even that won't be enough.

Toothbrush with screen

Toothbrushes with a screen are not a whim, as some people think

For those who want complete control over the brushing process, Oclean engineers have developed a super-advanced toothbrush Oclean X Pro Elite... This is the first toothbrush with a color screen0.96 inch diagonal, which displays up-to-date information about the current hygiene session. It will help you form the correct brushing pattern: change the direction and angle of movement, increase or, conversely, reduce the pressure.

Oclean X Pro Elite is equipped with a schistioxgyroscope, which accurately determines the position of the brush in space. Thus, she not only clearly understands how the user positions her and can give him useful advice, but also controls the process of cleaning the blind spots. These are the parts of the teeth that most people usually do not get to, believing that effective cleaning consists in removing plaque from the visible part of the enamel.

The touch screen, sensors and an advanced motor in the toothbrush are useful

The brush is based on a new generation electric motor Maglev brushless motor... It produces 42 thousand movements per minute,effectively driving the cleaning head. Despite this efficiency, the engine itself is very durable and reliable due to its brushless design. So you don't have to worry that it will fail in the second year of use. Be sure: it will be enough for you for a long time.

Oclean X Pro Elite display - touch... That is, you can not only perceive information from it, but also control the brush, switch modes and do much more using the built-in touchscreen.

The Oclean X Pro Elite adapts very well to the user. If you wish, you can choose the cleaning mode that suits you, set the intensity and to brush your teeth with pleasure... I myself know many people who refusedfrom electric brushes due to too aggressive operation. This will not happen here: you can set everything up yourself so that cleaning does not turn into hard labor, and the cleaning head does not damage the gums.

Oclean X Pro Elite lasts 30 days from charging.This is really a lot. Ordinary brushes do not last even two weeks. But this is not the coolest thing. It turns out that Oclean engineers have equipped this model with a Qi charging lift. This is the same wireless charger that you use to charge your smartphone. So, if necessary, you can simply install the brush on the station and wait until it is charged.

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Inexpensive Electric Toothbrush

Have you seen what the quietest electric toothbrush looks like? She is in front of you

Of course, most do not want much spend money on a toothbrush, especially since, with a proper desire, you can brush your teeth without auxiliary tools. If only the brush was good. However, there are also such in the Oclean assortment. One of them - Oclean Air 2 - the quietest toothbrush in the ruler. It differs in that it is equipped with an ultrasonic noise reduction device, which drowns out the noise of the motor and creates the complete feeling that it is working much quieter than it actually is.

Despite the affordable price, this brush has a very good body kit. In addition to active noise cancellation - just like advanced headphones - the Oclean Air 2 comes with a cleaning head with bristles produced by the American company DuPont... They have a three-dimensional shape, due to whichremove plaque 20% better than conventional brushes, penetrating even the most inaccessible places. And the adjustment of the intensity of cleaning will allow you to fine-tune the brush exactly for you.

This brush comes with a custom DuPont brush head

Oclean Air 2 does not have its own display, but interfaces with a smartphone and transmits cleaning information right in the app, giving advice on what needs to be changed to make your hygiene more effective.

The brush has very robust and reliable housing with a special two-layer coating that creates an effectpremium product. This coating is completely safe, as evidenced by multiple certificates and FDA certification. And all the components inside the Oclean Air 2 are set very tightly and do not emit any backlash or extraneous sounds, which is quite atypical for electric toothbrushes, in which many of the parts are not fixed well enough.

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Why do you need an irrigator

Irrigator 100% replaces dental floss

Everyone knows about toothbrushes - even sonic ones. And here what is an irrigator, few represent.For your information, this is a very useful device for oral hygiene, which everyone should definitely have, because it not only replaces dental floss, cleaning the interdental spaces, but also treats your gums much more carefully, not only without damaging them, but also massaging them with water jets. Another question - which irrigator is better.

Irrigator Is a device for oral hygiene witha reservoir and a guide nozzle, which impulses fine jets of water and thus allows you to clean out food debris between the teeth and braces. It can also be used to massage the gums.

The irrigator is more gentle on your gums than dental floss

Oclean W10 - a solution proven by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of users. Its advantages:

  • Effectively cleans interdental spaces and braces, delivering 1400 water pulses per minute;
  • It is impossible to overdo it with an irrigator - it will not damage your gums like dental floss if you do something wrong;
  • Oclean W10 has 5 operating modes - thorough cleaning, standard, soft, customizable and gum massage mode;
  • The Oclean W10 comes with 4 nozzles, through which water impulses are supplied, for different operating modes;
  • The Oclean W10 jet is only 0.6mm thick, which is less than most flosses;
  • The autonomy of the Oclean W10 is 30 days, so the irrigator will work for a whole month on one charge, and then it will require you to reconnect it to the outlet for 5 hours;
  • Oclean W10 has a removable 200 ml water tank. This is just enough for one complete cleaning.

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11.11 Sale - Possibly the Biggest Event of the Year

Such unprecedented low prices will only act on Singles Day Sale... It is a kind of Black Friday counterpart that came from China. On this day, consumers are offered the largest discounts on a wide variety of goods. Sale will last during the period from 11 to 13 November... However, discounts are not the most important thing, because among those who place an order for the Oclean X Pro Elite toothbrush, there will be a raffle Xiaomi G9 cordless vacuum cleaner, the first 50 customers will receive a free copy of the Oclean X Pro Elite, and they will also be allowed to order replacement heads for their brushes for just 1 cent.