What are the references to the movie “Back to the Future” in Tesla cars?

Probably when creating electric Tesla Model Xdesigners were inspired by the sports car DeLorean DMC-12 from the movie “Back to the Future”. The electric car is also equipped with gullwing doors and it would be strange if its software did not have a single mention of the famous fantastic trilogy. Until now, Tesla car owners could not find them - it turned out that they were very well hidden.

One user shared his discoveryReddit It turned out that any Tesla car model is full of references to “Back to the Future” - the main thing is to know where to look for them. To feel like a time traveler, you just need to cover a distance of 121 miles and click on the battery icon and in the Tesla app. The main screen immediately changes appearance.

List of references to the film “Back to the Future” in Tesla cars:

  • 121 miles turns into 1.21 GW - the power Emmett Brown needs for time travel;
  • The charge indicator turns into a “Combustion Chamber”;
  • The location of the car changes to 1600 S Azusa Ave Rowland Heights - an important place in the film;
  • A reminder appears on November 5, 1955 - the day when Emmett Brown lights up with the idea of ​​creating a time machine;
  • The car's icon changes to the P88D — a clear hint at 88 miles per hour, which the DeLorean DMC-12 must develop to activate the flow condenser.
  • The vehicle identification number is changed to the number of the old DeLorean;
  • Regardless of which Tesla car the Easter Bird is running on, the model's image changes to Tesla Molde X with doors in the gull-wing style;
  • Software version changes to 1985 - the year of the first part of the film.

Remarkably, this is the only knownEaster eggs, hidden deep in the Tesla system. The rest of the surprises are usually found in a special section of the software, where they are easy to find. For example, in the Christmas holidays there you can find the Santa Claus mode. The list also has more vulgar features that some might not like.

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