What are the consequences of stopping the rotation of the Earth demonstrated in the video

Climate change, environmental and man-madethe disaster, the global coronavirus pandemic, seemed insufficient for journalists, and they decided to recall the demo video of the online edition of Tech Insider, published back in 2015, showing the result of a complete stop of the Earth's rotation around its own axis. The results are simply disastrous and will lead to the complete destruction of the human population on the planet.

It is known that the rotation of the Earth occurs withlinear speed at the equator is approximately equal to 1674 km / h. Thus, with a sharp deceleration of the planet's rotation to zero, all terrestrial objects will continue to move at speeds of about 1500 km / h. Hurricanes of destructive force will pass on Earth, and the oceans will give rise to giant tsunamis.

However, this is not the end of the disaster.The day "stretches" on 365 normal 24 hour modern days: six months on one part of the planet will last a sunny, unusually hot day, and then for six months the territory will plunge into a cold night.

The changes will also affect the continents.As the rotation stops, the oceans will "spread" and swallow the polar regions, exposing the equatorial region up to approximately 30 degrees north and south width. One continent is formed along the equator. The Earth's magnetic field will disappear, and it will undergo a bombardment of charged particles arriving at great speed from space. All of the above-described cataclysms will inevitably lead to the destruction of humanity and all life on the planet.