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What air humidity is comfortable for a person?

With the advent of the off-season, indoor humidityusually rises, as it becomes damp outside, the temperature drops, but at the same time it is too early to turn on the heating devices. When the heating season begins, the level of humidity in residential premises, as a rule, drops significantly and the air becomes excessively dry. However, people usually pay attention only to the temperature in their homes, but not to humidity, but in vain. According to experts, although humidity is not felt by our body as much as cold or excessive heat, it still affects health. What kind of humidity is considered normal and what happens to the body if a person lives in conditions of a very high or low level of humidity? We propose to deal with these issues further.

High or low humidity in the room threatens health problems


  • 1 What is absolute and relative humidity and how to measure it
  • 2 What is the danger of humid air
  • 3 Why dry air is dangerous
  • 4 What to do if the air humidity is high or low

What is absolute and relative humidity and how to measure it

To talk about humidity, first of allyou need to understand the terms. There are two of them: “relative humidity” and “absolute humidity”. The first term, i.e. relative humidity, refers to the density of water vapor in relation to temperature. Scientists in the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology explain relative humidity as the degree to which air is saturated with water.

For example, at 100% humidity, the air can no longer retain moisture, as it is saturated with it to the limit. At 50% relative humidity, the air can "absorb" as much moisture as it already holds.

You can measure the humidity in a room with a hygrometer.

Absolute humidity is a more understandable term,since it means the amount of water vapor that is present in the air at a given time. To measure humidity, of course, no calculations need to be performed. It is enough to acquire a device called a hygrometer. It measures relative humidity and displays it as a percentage.

Why is moist air dangerous?

Comfortable and safe for the bodyrelative humidity is in the range of 30-60%. As the study shows, at higher humidity in the room, mold fungi actively begin to grow and dust mites appear. Surely, many have encountered mold in their apartment or house, especially after the thermal insulation of the room and the installation of plastic windows. This is due to the fact that moisture in this case has practically nowhere to go. But where does mold come from? We have already talked about this earlier.

Mold grows when the humidity is high

Higher humidity increases recoilheat from the human body. As a rule, health worsens, weakness appears. Worst of all at the increased humidity cores feel. They have a feeling of lack of air. In this case, cardiovascular diseases can become very aggravated. In addition, asthmatics do not tolerate humid air well. Moisture causes spasms and swelling of the bronchi, which leads to difficulty breathing.

Why is dry air dangerous?

As a rule, too dry air occurs inheating season. All heaters dry out the air. This is especially true for electric heaters. Dry air is also unhealthy. It causes drying of mucous membranes and skin, eye irritation, bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, etc. Due to the fact that the mucous membranes cease to perform their function, in a room with dry air, the body becomes more susceptible to infections.

Indoor plants help to increase the humidity in the room

I must say that it is excessively dry, as well as stronglyhumid air negatively affects not only health, but also wooden furniture, as well as musical instruments. The tree begins to deform or crack, as a result of which the products become unusable.

What to do if the air humidity is high or low

The most efficient way to downgradehumidity in the room - ventilate it. For example, after you have taken a shower, leave the window for a while in the ventilation mode. Also open windows when you are cooking, doing laundry or washing dishes. If the ventilation of the room does not cope with its task, exhaust fans will help solve the problem. If the humidity has risen to a critical level, electric heaters will help to quickly dry the air.

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It is even easier to increase the level of humidity in the room,than lower it. A container of water or, for example, an aquarium will help in this. You can also hang clothes to dry, boil a kettle or put a damp rag on a heating radiator. As you can see, maintaining a normal level of humidity in the room is not difficult, and you can improve your health. But you should not forget about the temperature. How to warm an apartment in cold autumn and winter, read here.