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Whales can handle global warming better than trees

There are many theories regardingof what the end of the world will be. Some scientists claim that life on Earth will disappear due to a meteorite’s fall, and the authors of the film “I Am a Legend” with Will Smith showed us the death of people due to the invasion of vampires. However, the most likely outcome of our existence is death from global warming. To prevent the death of humanity expected in 2050, scientists are considering planting as many trees as possible, which can absorb carbon dioxide and reduce the danger of the greenhouse effect. However, staff from the International Monetary Fund, capable of providing money to 189 countries to fight global warming, recently announced that instead of planting trees, people should protect and restore the whale population. But why do they think so?

Blue whale is considered one of the largest animals in the world.

According to Time, a professor of foreign exchangestock recently found out about the amazing ability of whales to absorb carbon dioxide. According to their calculations, each individual of large whale species during its life of about 100 years absorbs about 30 tons of carbon dioxide and neutralizes it even after death, settling at the bottom of the oceans. At the same time, one tree in one year of its life neutralizes 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide, that is, no more than 2.2 tons per century. Comparing these indicators, it becomes clear that whales can bring a much more significant role in combating global warming than vegetation.

How to avoid global warming?

In addition to the fact that whales themselves absorb carbon dioxidegas, they saturate water with nitrogen and iron-rich waste. They are essential for the propagation of the so-called phytoplankton - algae and microscopic creatures that also effectively absorb carbon dioxide. According to one of the authors of the study, Ralph Chamy, by increasing the amount of phytoplankton in the oceans, mankind can process several hundred tons of carbon dioxide. This is almost the same as planting two billion trees. It is believed that in this scenario, each whale can contribute to the global economy in the amount of $ 2 million.

By the way, by planting a lot of trees, we can vice versa accelerate global warming

Why do whales die out?

However, in order to achieve all of the above,It is extremely important for people to increase the whale population. The fact is that at the beginning of the 20th century a mass hunt was opened for these giants, which led to a significant reduction in their number. Currently, scientists number about 1.3 million whales, while before the start of commercial hunting, there were about 5 million individuals. Today, commercial whale hunting is prohibited and their population is gradually recovering, but at the same time, they continue to die for completely different reasons.

Whales are often washed ashore

Of course, we are talking about environmental pollutionWednesday. Today, the seas and oceans are literally overflowing with various debris that enter the organisms of the inhabitants of the water and gradually poison them. In addition, there are many cases where aquatic mammals entangled in lost fishing nets and died due to the inability to move normally.

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Noise is also to blame for the mortality of whalespollution of our planet. The fact is that the sounds made by the ships prevent the whales from hearing their relatives and navigate in space. Because of this, they often sail in the wrong direction and eventually jump to the shore. You can read more about the dangers of the noise of cars, planes and ships in our special material.