Weekend Plans: PlayStation 3 Emulator

The last couple of days in Moscow was beautiful weather. Numerous scooters are scattered around the city,

bike stations and sports grounds. And on streaming services, several high-quality projects have come out at once, which you can spend time on.

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One of the entertainments can be retrogaming.By the way, let me remind you that in Moscow and St. Petersburg there are Yandex branded stores, in which retrocomputers and consoles are placed. The trick is that everything is connected, working and you can touch it. The other day we passed by, with great pleasure I ran several levels of Aladdin on the Sega Mega Drive.

Perhaps it should be clarified that the PS3 emulator isfor those who don't have a PlayStation 4 or 5, since most of the games from the old consoles are available on the new ones. Although you will need a PS Plus Premium subscription to play. Well, if you still have one and it works.

Another point is that here you can run games on a laptop. A great option so as not to drag the console to the country.

I want to share with you an emulator thattested and satisfied with it. As always, stories in the comments are welcome, how to do everything right and which emulator is actually the best.

Table of Contents

  • For computers</ p>
    • System requirements
    • Installation
  • Why is it so difficult to achieve high-quality emulation
  • Games
  • The main disadvantage of the emulator
  • Emulators for Android smartphones
  • Conclusion

For computers

For Windows, MacOS, Linux and even FreeBSD there isRPCS3 emulator. This is a simple, reliable and user-friendly emulator. You can download it from the website of the same name here. It is better to take from the official site, do not go to GitHub or third-party exchangers.

System requirements

  • Processor: Requires a processor that has more than 4 cores (8 threads). It is optimal if the processor has 6 cores (12 threads or more). AMD Zen 2 architecture and newer, Intel Skylake and newer.
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 900 or AMD RX 400 or higher preferred
  • RAM: 8 GB or more (the minimum requirement says 4 GB, but I've tried it and it hurts).
  • Drive: it is highly desirable to have an SSD, or at least place the emulator on the SSD, and the games on the HDD.

I ran the emulator on my home computer with Corei5-8400T (6 cores, 6 threads), Nvidia GTX 1050, 16GB RAM, SSD. Also ran the emulator on a laptop with RTX3070 graphics and an AMD Ryzen 7 5800HS processor. On a laptop, the emulator, of course, works better.


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The installation process is incredibly simple. From the official site, you need to download the archive in 7zip format. Unpack it on an SSD drive. In the folder that appears, find the application icon and run it.

The next step is the shell from Play Station 3.Also, make sure that Visual C++ 2019 is already installed on your computer. If you play games, then most likely you already have it. On the official website, in the QuickStart section, there are links to both the shell and Visual C ++ 2019. Since the emulator was created for non-pirate purposes, we are offered to download the shell from the official Sony website.

Now the shell needs to be installed in the emulator. Everything is elementary. Start the emulator, and then just drag the shell file there and agree with the installation.

Why is it so difficult to achieve high-quality emulation

Even though the PlayStation 3 wasintroduced in 2006, it is still quite difficult to achieve high-quality game emulation. Here, of course, we can say that Sony puts a spoke in the wheel. However, you may recall that the Play Station 4 had rather limited support for PS3 games. And in general, Sony offers to launch old releases to owners of a premium subscription in the form of cloud streaming.

Although it is obvious that all owners of set-top boxes wantbe able to run their old games on new consoles. Plus, this is an additional motivation for new buyers: buy a fresh console and get the opportunity to play games from previous consoles. However, Sony engineers could not cope.

The main problem with emulation is thatPlayStation consoles run on custom hardware tailored for specific games. Today, any high-performance computer "knocks out" more gigaflops of performance. What can I say if Nvidia, when launching new video cards of the 30th series, boasted that even entry-level cards provide better performance than the PlayStation 5. However, this is not about pure performance, but about architecture emulation. After all, it is necessary to emulate not only the central processor, but also the entire accompanying infrastructure from subprocessors that specialize in performing specific tasks. All this needs to be emulated and made to work smoothly, because new consoles come out on a new architecture that uses other solutions aimed at their specific tasks. Thus, it is objectively easier to rewrite the game for a new system.

In passing, it should be remembered that when emulatingperformance is inevitably lost. Accordingly, it looks funny, but in order to emulate the PS3, you need much more productive hardware than the one on which the console itself was running.


A small digression above is necessary in order toit was easier to understand why the emulator does not support all the games from the PlayStation 3. And some can not even handle. When creating an emulator, developers are engaged in optimization for almost every specific game. And more precisely, for each type of game. For this reason, the conditional Uncharted series (even the very first game) practically does not work on the emulator. Even on powerful hardware, the frame rate leaves much to be desired. Uncharted was a breakthrough on the PS3 and made the most of the console's features.

On the official website of the emulator on the pageCompatibility (compatibility) there is a complete list of supported games. As I said above, the Uncharted series performs poorly. But God Of War games (typical slashers) work fine (except for the most advanced third part), as does Heavenly Sword. And Heavy Rain, another game that was squeezing all the juice out of the console, does not work well.

The site has signs on the principle of traffic lights. You can only play "green" releases.

Games for the emulator can be found on the Internet atpopular resources. Although the developers of the emulator urge to do "dumps" from official discs. Of course, it is better to check compatibility in advance, but if anything, then the emulator itself will display whether it will be possible to play or not.

A few words about the installation of games. Downloaded games can be either as a disk image or as a PKG file.


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If PKG, then select File - Install from the menu andselect the game file. If the game is in the form of an image, then first we mount the image, and then select the Add Games item in the File menu, where we open the image (you don’t need to go into folders) and click “OK”.

After selecting the game, an interface will appear prompting you to install it. We agree and wait.

Please note that the supported resolutions are listed in the emulator. An extremely important point that will help achieve optimal performance. You can select the resolution in the "Configuration" menu.

Focus on your iron. All my games work in Full HD. A lower resolution can be used if you want to play in a window.

The main disadvantage of the emulator

The main disadvantage of the emulator is thatyou can play either from the keyboard or using the original gamepad from the PlayStation 3. For example, I bought an Xbox gamepad specifically for computer games, and it does not work.

Accordingly, before starting the game, do not be lazygo to the Pads menu and make all the necessary settings. Note that you can create multiple profiles there. The proposed layouts are inconvenient due to their excessive crowding. Distribute the buttons so that it is convenient to operate with two hands. For example, I transferred the “triangle”, “square” and other buttons to ASDF. The left stick is from F to G, and the right stick is to J. But in general, the control is customized for each specific game.

The developers promise to add support for third-party gamepads. Hope this happens in the near future. Since now, after half an hour of playing God of War 2, the fingers were downright dying.

Emulators for Android smartphones

On the Internet you can find a bunch of articles called"Top 5 PS3 Emulators for Android". All this is fake. I specially walked and installed everything that is offered on a test smartphone. All applications either do not work, or pretend to work, and even show how games are downloaded and unpacked, but in fact they are only engaged in “pushing” ads to the user. Moreover, some applications have more than a million downloads.

There are currently no working PS3 emulators for Android.


The PS3 emulator is fun for a coupleevenings. It is important that the emulator is still under development. The list of games is constantly improving and expanding. Accordingly, you can bookmark the site and check back every six months to monitor progress.