Wearbuds - wireless headphones with recharging from a fitness bracelet (3 photos)

Manufacturers of modern mobile devicesSeeking to create more autonomous and user-friendly gadgets. Apple AirPods wireless headphones pushed engineers to develop similar devices with original, unique features.

Wearbuds headphones, the production of whichplanned to open a crowdfunding scheme, have an unusual system of storage and charging. The gadget must be used in conjunction with fitness bracelets that are popular with young people, in which headphones are safely and comfortably stored.

However, Wearbuds are different from AirPodscharging system. Users will not have to carry around a bulky case - charging is done directly through a fitness bracelet, which in turn can be charged through a standard wired device.

Wear Wearbuds and bracelets plannedwhite, black, gray, blue and pink. Using Qualcomm Smart Audio Chip and aptX Hi-Fi Sound will provide great sound to your headphones, and a modern Bluetooth module will provide a reliable connection to your smartphone.

Complex Wearbuds and fitness bracelet hasiOS and Android applications that track various health indicators, energy consumption, pedometer and other functions. Pre-order will save up to 71% of Wearbuds retail price.