Wearable roborouks will assist the user

Robotics does real miracles andgreatly facilitates the life of a modern person. A group of scientists from Japan and France has created a device that provides the user with additional robotic arms that help with the movement or support of objects.

Currently, all existing analoguesroboruk are used as prostheses for people who have lost limbs. However, the presented model is intended to empower ordinary people. Such robot arms are a structure attached to the back of the user in the lumbar region, and allow you to get additional limbs to perform ordinary actions.

The main problem with this model of roboruk isimpractical management system. Developers from the international Franco-Japanese group led by Masahiko Inami from the University of Tokyo have proposed an original solution to this problem, providing the possibility of practical use of the device to perform ordinary household activities.

The overall design of the new robots matchestraditional, however, the control system has a fundamental difference. Joysticks are installed in the area of ​​the “wrists” of the robotic arms, allowing the wearer to control an additional pair of limbs and, importantly, to compress-unclench mechanical brushes.

Thus, the owner of the robot will be ablecapture an item, and then perform various actions with it. At the same time, the device has its own “memory” and the user will be able to “show” what actions need to be performed, after which the robot will repeat these movements. Roborons and isoskeleton abilities were borrowed, which allows you to apply great effort when lifting heavy or bulky items.

Experts believe that the new invention has many fields of application from the ordinary wearing of an umbrella to helping people who have lost the physical ability to perform basic household activities.

Source: nplus1