Wearable facial gadget will replace the traditional blood test (5 photos)

MIT engineersThe University has developed a unique wearable sensor that allows you to determine the concentration in the saliva of biological marker substances. The device is designed to replace the traditional blood test.

It is worth noting that the blood test isfairly reliable marker that allows you to determine the state of the whole organism and its individual organs. However, it is not always convenient to donate it, especially if you want to monitor the chemical composition of blood during the day.

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The new sensor is compact and consists of a roll of indicator paper, an electric motor, a wireless module, a camera and a tube adjacent to the lip.

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A special tube is used to collect saliva frommouth in certain periods of time. When a biological fluid comes in contact with paper, the latter changes color depending on the presence and concentration of certain important medical markers. The camera installed in the gadget photographs the result of the analysis displayed on the paper and sends the image to the user's smartphone, as well as to the attending physician.

Further from a replaceable roll by an electric motoranother piece of paper is unwound, and the procedure is repeated. As engineers believe, the device will allow to monitor the concentration of chemicals in the blood without passing the traditional tests. In more detail about the invention developers will tell at the EMBC 2019 conference which will take place in July of this year. Perhaps there will also be announced the accuracy of the wearable sensor on the cheek relative to the traditional blood test, its estimated cost and release date.