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We were wrong! Tesla is not that well thought out

When you look at Tesla cars, it seems thatthey will always be the same new and technological. Of course, few people want to think that in just a few years their dream will become old and stop driving. We have been taught that Tesla's battery is very easy to change if you keep in mind how “often” you need to do this procedure. But in reality, not everything is so simple, and even such a tech company sometimes makes constructive mistakes and releases ill-conceived products on the market. Perhaps she simply had no other way out and was constructively able to do it the only way? This is what we'll talk about. And at the same time, we will discuss how Tesla produced prototypes under the guise of production cars, how some of its structural elements are arranged and why it will be easier for owners of some models of this car to throw out when buying a new one than to sell it. This is not exposing or debunking the company's image, but just another reminder that everything cannot be perfect.

And not everything is perfect at Tesla.


  • 1 Tesla sells prototypes
  • 2 Disadvantages of Tesla Roadster
  • 3 Is it difficult to repair Tesla
  • 4 What car is at the heart of Tesla
  • 5 How long does Tesla last?
  • 6 How Much Does Tesla Battery Repair Cost
  • 7 How Much Does a Tesla Battery Replacement Cost

Tesla sells prototypes

It all started when Pete Gruber and his team at Gruber Motor Company decided to analyze how Tesla cars are aging. Experts have studied more than one car from the first generation Roadster to the Model S... As a result, they came to very interesting conclusions, some of them turned out to be very logical. Moreover, some auto experts have already expressed their opinion on this matter.

The first and most interesting takeaway is thatthat Tesla was launching prototypes on sale as if they were production cars. If this seems absurd to you, how do you feel about the claim that the Model 3 is still at the prototype stage?

They called it a prototype. Can you imagine?

Representatives Gruber Motor Company told what they mean by the example of the first generation Roadster, which was released in 2008.

Tesla Roadster Disadvantages

There were too many fans in the car, whichstuffed almost everywhere they just got in. And if you thought that we were talking about technologies for creating a ground effect, like those used in the famous car Brabham BT46Bracing Formula 1 in 1977, you are wrong. We are talking about cooling systems and mechanisms, which at that time were still very damp.

Such a fan allowed the Brabham BT46B to pump air from under itself and literally stick to the asphalt. Later, this solution was banned due to its too high efficiency and danger.

As a result, the fans were even installed behind the rearwheels. Can you guess what this led to? Dirt, dust, leaves and other debris constantly flew inside. All this required a minimum of annual, if not more frequent cleaning the power electronics module.

Is it difficult to repair Tesla

Another indication that the designmust be more thoughtful before customers can receive their cars, there was a very strange placement of some components. And not even those that simply could not break, but those that were consumables. These include fuses on the printed circuit boards and inside the DC / DC converter. It was also difficult to access the contacts on both sides of the battery.

This is why Tesla should release a cheap Model 2 as early as possible.

If difficult access to the connectors is still possiblesomehow accept, then with fuses it is impossible. They might just burn out. If you drive a car and know a little about its structure, then you know that the fuse boxes are located under the steering wheel, just under the hood and under the seats. At any of these locations, access to them takes a maximum of a few minutes. In the models reviewed, this required spending a day and going through the entire car.

Did you know that a Tesla battery consists of a huge number of such "batteries"?

Gruber argues that these components should havebe placed on top of the battery, in a place that is accessible even from the inside of the vehicle. To replace these easily damaged parts, the Roadster battery must be removed. This operation requires disassembling the rear suspension, and this is exactly the same day of work.

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What car is at the heart of Tesla

Some of these access problems can be explained bythe fact that the first generation Tesla Roadster is based on the Lotus Elise and its “sibling” Lotus Exige. These are ordinary cars with internal combustion engines and it was not so easy to rebuild them for operation on batteries. But on the other hand, this can explain, but not justify, the fact that the cars came out with such design flaws.

In defense of Tesla, Gruber recalls that earlyFerrari models were also prototypes. This has not stopped them from being among the most valuable classic cars in the world. Gruber also emphasizes that the battery has been designed to be safe and reliable, which is a big plus.

Tesla's battery is good, but maintenance is very difficult on some models.

Firmware and battery management is whatallowed Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpenning to develop a multi-piece design that laid the foundation for modern electric vehicles. The battery system is liquid cooled, moisture sensors to prevent leaks, and a reliable smoke detector.

Gruber emphasizes that despite the rush toBy delivering the Roadster, the car was selling at below cost of production, putting Tesla at risk at the time. This seems to be one of the main reasons why Elon Musk ousted Eberhard from the company.

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How long does Tesla last?

Pete Gruber also discusses the use of Tesla cars in coastal cities. The characteristics of the local “salty” air greatly affect the longevity of the batteries. Initially Roadster batteries should last 10 yearsbut coastal air can shorten this time. On the other hand, he came across machines that were purchased 13 years ago and worked without significant problems.

Such conditions also do not contribute to the increase in the battery life.

Despite this, the engineer fears that ineventually, there will be “massive chain failures”. This will happen first to the Roadster and then to the Model S. This will mean that repairs done by Gruber Motor Company will no longer be possible.

Gruber's company is currently engaged inby isolating the defective cells in the battery circuit so that others can work again. The cost of such work is measured in several thousand dollars, and not tens of thousands, as the cost of a new battery. In this way, the lifetime of a complex element can be maximized without having to completely replace it.

Elon Musk told why some Tesla cars come out defective

How much does it cost to repair a Tesla battery

Gruber gives examples of how this can save money. For example, he said that Toyota Prius, which actually cost $ 6,000, with a faulty battery sold for $ 500... All due to the fact that after purchase it will be necessary to replace the battery for $ 5,500. Here's a simple arithmetic.

The Toyota Prius has a different battery than the Tesla, so it costs less to replace.

In the case of Tesla, Gruber gave an example of one ofhis client, who bought a used Model S for $ 10,000. The battery was in need of repair, which its specialists did for $ 5,000. As a result, for 15,000 dollars, he got an excellent car with a good battery, albeit not a new one.

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How much does it cost to replace a Tesla battery

New battery for Model S costs between 20,000 and 25000 dollars. As a result, if you do not go for such tricks, it will be easier for the owner of such a car to throw it out after reaching a certain period of use. Selling a car to someone for a few thousand dollars to change an expensive battery? It is unlikely that this will be a good decision for at least one of the participants in the transaction.

Of course, what Gruber said is more likepraising himself and advertising his services, but he's right. With his story, he “kicked off the bottom” if not the main, then at least just a big problem of electric vehicles. Got to do something with batteries and look not only for ways to increase mileage, but alsothe possibility of their cheap repair or replacement. The battery is the most important part of a car, but it is a large chemical that can be damaged. Unpleasant in this case drive the car to the dump.

It would be a shame to send such beauty to a landfill just because of the battery.

And Tesla wants to throw a separate stone forhow she reacted to the possibility of servicing her cars. It is clear that the entire industry is following the path of shortening the service life so that new ones are bought faster. But the need to disassemble half of the car in order to change the "penny" fuse, it does not even fit into this concept.

Someone just made a cool car, but this is notis a vaccine against breakdowns. It was beautifully presented, and users took it as a flying saucer from the future or just a dream. Naturally, the dream does not break and does not age, but even the coolest Tesla is primarily a mechanismthat is not eternal.