We break and test smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

The harsh operating conditions of modernsmartphones impose increased requirements for ensuring the resistance of devices to mechanical stress. Testing for resistance to drops from a height of the flagships of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and its main competitor iPhone 11 Pro Max was conducted by the YouTube channel PhoneBuff. It should be noted right away that the Note 20 series are the first smartphones with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus coating and this fact became decisive in the battle of the titans of the smartphone market.

In a series of drop tests on the rear panelsmartphones, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra turned out to be in the lead, with the upper edge near the camera block damaged. At the same time, the back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is completely cracked.

The next stage of testing, during whichsmartphones “fell” to the corner, both models passed with flying colors without receiving significant damage. Falling to the front surface shattered the surface of the iPhone's screen, while the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra's display remained intact.

Final 10-fold bonus testthe fall of smartphones from the height of human growth showed the full advantage of the representative of Samsung. After testing, the iPhone 11 Pro Max practically crumbled in the hands of the testers, the front camera stopped working, but the screen remained functional.

Galaxy Note 20 showed phenomenal resultsUltra, which after all the falls did not get a single crack. Such a defeat, according to experts, is associated with the use of the new Gorilla Glass Victus by Samsung, installed only on this model. As a result, the iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphone received 30 points from PhoneBuff specialists, and the winner of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as much as 39 out of 40 possible.