We block subscriptions from Megafon, Beeline, Tele 2, MTS and do not let ourselves rob

Intrusive service from operators, persistentlyimposing paid subscriptions gives rise to a feeling of annoyance and hopelessness among customers, especially when such a “service” eats money from consumers’s pockets. The best option may be a legislative ban on the provision of such services, but it is known that cunning businessmen will always find loopholes and vulnerabilities in the most stringent regulations.

Get additional mobile as a “gift”Subscribing is as easy as catching an infection in a cholera hospital. The main task of such services is to get paid for content sent in directions (music, games, news, weather forecasts, jokes).

All services and goods paid by the consumer,according to the law they cannot be imposed without his consent. However, operators actively use the carelessness, frivolity and simply technical illiteracy of their customers to provide them with additional paid service, while formally observing the rules of the law. There are three completely legal ways that customers almost voluntarily subscribe to mobile services:

• Self-subscription.
• “Trojan horse” from an operator that provides a free service for a couple of days along with profitable tariff plans.
• Random subscription or semi-fraudulent one-click subscription scheme when switching to sites on the Internet.

However, there are several ways to deal withsuch an intrusive service. It must be remembered that preventing the receipt of new services does not cancel already received and connected services. Therefore, you should check your connected subscriptions and cancel unnecessary ones.

Experts recommend using the two mosteffective ways to block subscription connections: by creating a separate account to pay for content services or by banning calls and SMS messages to short numbers. Both methods have their positive and negative sides.

Create a separate account to pay for content
Such a service is provided by the Law of the Russian Federation “On Communications”. However, the law stipulates the possibility of an operator opening a separate account to pay for content, only after the client requests. Naturally, almost all operators open a separate personal account only after receiving a written statement from the user in the customer service office.

Having issued such a service, the operator undertakes not towrite off money from the main account to pay for additional content. On an additional special account, you can simply not keep money and automatically prevent operators from signing you up for additional services.

The only drawback of this method isthe need for personal presence of the client in the operator’s office when signing an application for an additional account. An automatic service for creating such an account is available only to the Tele 2 operator. It is enough to send a USSD request * 160 # and the operator will create an additional account to pay for content not included in the main tariff.

Method for blocking SMS messages for shortnumbers are available only for Megafon and MTS customers. The services “Stop Content” (Megaphone) and “Prohibition of Content” (MTS) completely limit the ability to send SMS messages and USSD requests to paid numbers. This does not apply to the 8-800 toll-free service, the operator itself, and some global services, such as Sberbank.

The positive aspects of such a lockconsist in the fact that for this you do not need to come to the office and arrange the service remotely. In addition, operators do not restrict access to additional free useful resources.

However, this method has one significant drawback, since its effect is limited to the home region.

The service "Content Blocking" (MTS) is activated by USSD request * 984 # or after a call to the MTS call center by phone 0890.
The service "Stop Content" (Megaphone) is activated by USSD request * 105 * 801 # or in your personal account.