We are waiting for the release of a foldable Microsoft Surface Note. Renders have already been published (6 photos)

Just over two weeks ago, Microsoft announcedthe upcoming dual-screen folding device Surface, and designer Ryan Smalley has already developed detailed and realistic renderings of the future product.

Microsoft Surface Note Big Screen with Roundholes under the camera folded in half. When it is folded it is a smartphone, in the unfolded state it is a tablet. In the third position, semi-complicated, the gadget is a small laptop with a touch keyboard. The back cover of the gadget is made of Italian stylish finishing material - Alcantara, which is known as artificial suede.

It is clear that many product admirersMicrosoft in the announced gadget is attracted by the fact that, according to information leaks, the heart of the new product will be a 10-nm Intel Lakefield processor with a high degree of integration. This will allow you to run Android applications. LTE and 5G modules will be used to significantly increase the data transfer speed.

To support two screens in a foldable tablet andfull-fledged work in the background will develop a separate version of Windows 10 with the working title Core OS, which they intend to show a bit earlier than the presentation of the two-screen folding device Microsoft Surface Note. The gadget itself will be submitted until mid-2020.