We are being watched: you do not want to be identified - pay (3 photos)

On the streets of big cities from year to yearThere are more and more cameras and many of them are equipped with facial recognition technology. According to statements by law enforcement and city authorities, this is done to ensure order and the detection of suspicious individuals. But it turns out that even ordinary citizens may suffer if the new world order does not suit them.

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In London, a man covered his face with a jacket and hatwhen passed by the camera with facial recognition technology. The police thought such behavior was suspicious. They asked the pedestrian to look at the camera mounted on a police van, but he refused and received a fine of 90 pounds (about 114 dollars). The patrolman still photographed a pedestrian. And this is in addition to the fine written out. In an interview with DailyMall, the man said that he was not to blame for anything, since he did not formally violate any laws.

Software that usesBritish police for checking pictures of pedestrians with a base of wanted criminals, has been criticized more than once. The reason is the low accuracy of the results; after the pilot launch, the system was wrong in 96% of cases, but it is still massively used.