Waymo is more expensive than Tesla and Uber. Guess why?

The Alphabet unit that deals withself-managed transport - Waymo - can raise capital from outside for the first time. In this case, the cost of the company will be "several times more" Cruise, a similar branch of General Motors, which was estimated at about $ 15 billion. According to TechCrunch with reference to The Information, Waymo did not respond to a request for comment.

How much is Waymo

Waymo, which this year marks a ten yearanniversary, needs a large amount of cash. Attracting capital from outside investors, which is encouraged by Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat, will help limit costs and for the first time demonstrate Waymo's valuation over several years. Alphabet, however, does not want to give up too much of its business.

A few years ago, Waymo was rated at 4.5billion dollars, although analysts claim that it could exceed $ 175 billion, based on forecasts of future revenues. Go back and reread this line. For comparison, a valuation of even $ 100 billion will place Waymo significantly ahead of Uber, Tesla, GM and Ford.

Google currently havingcapitalization of 817 billion dollars, can afford the support of Waymo. However, this is not the first time that a search engine is looking for outside investors who are ready to invest in its incredible adventures, instead of developing a new business with its own capital. Like Verily, a Google-owned research organization in life sciences, and Makani, a wind power division that also came out of Google X, sold shares to Silver Lake and Shell.

Cruise, for its part, also attracted externalcapital since its acquisition of GM in 2016 for 581 billion dollars. In mid-2018, Vision Fund invested $ 2.25 billion in Cruise, providing SoftBank with a nearly 20 percent share in GM's own business.

What does Waymo do?

Waymo became a separate business in 2016 andToday, it is under the control of CEO John Krafchik, Porat and Technical Director Dmitry Dolgov. The company hit the headlines at the end of last year, when it launched Waymo One, a commercial robot service in the Phoenix area, the first profitable venture. More recently, Waymo announced that it would sell its own light sensors and range finders, that is, LiDAR, to companies outside the autonomous transport industry, which would also bring her money.

It is estimated that already in 2030, Waymo revenue could reach 114 billion dollars.

Well, everything goes to the fact that competition in the marketSelf-driving cars would be awesome. Not so long ago, we wrote that Amazon has invested in a startup of self-driving cars, created by people from Uber, Tesla and Waymo. Investments were also quite good - around half a billion dollars - but this does not compare with the potential assessment of Waymo. Do you think this startup has a potential of $ 175 billion? Tell us in our chat in Telegram.