Waveshare E-Ink display is powered by NFC (2 photos + video)

New Technology Offered by WaveshareIt will allow you to effectively use E-Ink screens that transmit information that does not require frequent changes and does not consume a large amount of energy. The developers of Waveshare presented a 7.5-inch monitor powered by E-Ink technology and not having an autonomous power supply, capable of being powered by energy from an NFC signal. Devices of this type can be used for billboards, bulletin boards in transport, as well as when informing about the serial number in queues at banks or medical institutions.

The main feature of E-Ink technology isa small amount of energy consumed, which is ensured by the absence of the need to maintain a certain pixel color. Having received an electrical impulse once, the pixel will retain this form until the next command. Getting the next electrical impulse will lead to a change in the color of the pixel and will additionally receive energy to perform this action.

As a power source in the device fromWaveshare stands for NFC module, the principle of which is similar to wireless charging. The signal is sent from the RF field generator, and the spiral antenna acts as the receiver. Signal energy from NFC is enough for the E-Ink monitor to work. According to the assurance of the developers from Waveshare, for the monitor to work, it is enough that the power of the NFC module is above 1.4 watts. Such a module is available, for example, in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, released back in 2016.

One of the disadvantages of this technology islow data rate. NFC modules are designed to transmit very short messages containing data with credit card numbers or Internet addresses and the transfer speed is only 424 kbit / s. Therefore, the transfer of the image in 800 × 400 format to the device from Waveshare will take up to 10 seconds, taking into account the time required to update the picture. Also, the technology is not supported on the iPhone, as NFC modules work only with the latest versions of iOS and the application has not yet been created.

Source: waveshare