Washington will decorate a unique bridge park (9 photos)

Capital of the united states in the near futurewill receive another park masterpiece combining architectural elements from the past with modern building technologies. The updated bridge in the form of a park zone over the Anacostia River will be placed on the bridge piers of an existing bridge.

Washington's New Park Elementwill be called the “Bridge on 11th Street”, and landscape architects from the OLIN bureau took part in its development. The park zone created on the piers of the present bridge will include, in addition to chic green spaces, also observation platforms, a system of waterfalls and areas for recreation, entertainment and education.

The first project in a similar direction was withsuccessfully implemented in Manhattan in New York, where High Line Park was created on the bridge supports of the elevated railway, 2.33 km long, 10 meters above ground level.

11th Street Bridge will be remodeled alongthe results of the competition of architectural projects, which was held back in 2014. The city authorities just now issued all the necessary documents to start the reconstruction. Despite the fact that the start of construction work is scheduled for 2021, at present there is no clear idea of ​​the true size and parameters of the park area at the bridge.

It is known that the park-bridge in the plan will looklike a big oblate letter “X”, with two high ramps for visitors. Along the ramp, observation points for spectators will be placed, and artificial waterfalls will be equipped at the end of the ramp.

Inside the park-bridge garden areas will be laid out,amphitheaters, cafes and educational sites. To provide the park with electricity, solar panels will be installed on top. It is also planned to utilize rainwater. During the implementation of the project, some elements of the “Bridge on 11th Street” may be changed