Want to see second-class carriages of the future from Russian Railways?

Back in October, it became known that RZD was planningupgrade your second-class carriages. The company's general director, Oleg Belozerov, promised that "on the basis of the principle of forming a common or second-class car, personal comfort zones will be created in a common space without a compartment." And now, a month later, the RIA Novosti news agency showed a new concept of second-class carriages of Russian Railways. Admire.

New cars promise modular separationspaces, passenger seats with curtains and vending machines. Also appear (finally) electrical outlets and USB-connectors and individual lighting.

New Railways Railways

In addition to personalized reserved seats, andToilets will get sanitary showers, automatic taps, soap dispensers, paper towels, built-in hand dryer. They also promise changing tables.

The representative of the Russian Railways assured the authenticity of the images submitted by the agency, and the modernization of the cars will begin in 2019.

"Even considered options for places capsulartype where passengers will be created an individual space. There are proposals for a “space-transformer” where you could form your place for a trip, ”promised Belozerov.

In April 2017 it became known that the Russian Railways alsolooking for autopilot developer for their trains. It was necessary to work quickly, because one of the prerequisites stipulated by Russian Railways was the completion of works before the end of 2019. They planned to spend about 318 million rubles on the development of the software and hardware complex. However, there is still time. Partly, in the Russian Railways, unmanned technology is already being used. At the Luzhskaya station in the Leningrad region, for example, a system for the dissolution of cars with automatic locomotive control was used that year.

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