Want to make your 3D twin? Soon you will have this opportunity

Is it possible to build a house with a full living room,kitchen and hallway in less than 1 day? At first glance, the task is not feasible, but modern technology does not stand still, and enthusiasts from garages and laboratories penetrate real life, improving it. It would seem that quite recently 3D-printers printed small parts for several hours. And today, their big industrial counterparts can easily print you a whole house in less than 24 hours. Not to mention the fact that you can make your own 3D-twin - by the way, April 19, and you will have such an opportunity.

On this day, in the technopolis "Moscow" will be held Top3D Expo 2019 - International Diversified Exhibition and Conference on Additive Technologies and Digital Production. At the event, it will be possible to learn everything about the modern use of 3D printers, 3D scanners, robotics and ask any questions on a separate site to get acquainted with industry leaders.

Special attention will be paid to the use of 3D printing and 3D scanning in such industries as medicine, architecture, the aerospace industry, the automotive industry, light industry and mechanical engineering.

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Top 3D Expo conference is not the firstyear: for example, last year it included a cool master class on vacuum casting in silicone molds (plastic molding), the topic of professional FDM printing and the choice of a 3D scanner for the industry were analyzed in detail.

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This year they also promise something interesting - master classes in 3D printing and scanning, while anyone can go through 3D scanning and get their bulk digital copy!

The conference will be made by experts from Rosatom,as well as representatives of organizations such as MSTU. N. E. Bauman, Voenmekh, Voronezhselmash, VIAM, Imprinta, ABB and Shining 3D. In total, more than 30 performances are planned, you can learn more about everything on the Top 3D Expo 2019 website.

How to participate

Such an event is not only opportunity to argue on the subject of 3D printing, including metals, and discuss how competitive the domestic SLM equipment and materials are. It is also a way to visit a unique exhibition of 3D equipment - from printers and scanners to VR, CNC machines, robotics and software.

Especially now tickets for Top 3D Expo 2019 can besnatch at a substantial discount: for example, a regular ticket will cost only 350 rubles instead of 500 rubles - a bit more expensive than a good cup of coffee. And at the same time you will have much more impressions (and for a long time). To visit the conference, follow this link - the main thing when registering use the promotional code Hinewsto get a ticket at a discount. We advise you not to hesitate for a long time, the number of places is limited!

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