Want to know the date of his death? This watch will prompt

Some people prefer not to think aboutthe duration of their own lives, while others are so puzzled by this question that they even visit “fortune-tellers" and clairvoyants. Most of these predictions turn out to be false, because no one has yet learned to look into the future, however, this does not prevent developers from creating various devices that can at least roughly determine the date of death of a person. One such device is the Tikker smart watch.

Tikker count down the lifetime tolast second right on your hand. In order for the clock to start its countdown, the user must first fill in a special form and indicate his age, illness, bad habits and many other parameters in it. After Tikker have all the necessary information, they will begin their work. By the way, this watch shows the usual time.

How to find out the date of his death

Many may think that this is a real "watchdeath ", but the creators of the device themselves call them" hours of happiness. " According to them, Tikker allows you to remind a person that life is not limitless, so every minute of your time should be turned into the happiest and do not waste time on sadness and frustration.

Do not treat such watches asmedical device - the accuracy of their testimony has not yet been proved, especially the calculation error may increase several times due to accidents and other factors. Developers are positioning their offspring as a “wrist motivator”, with the help of which people will begin to appreciate their time. As a rule, many now do not.

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On the one hand, a gadget that predictsapproximate time of human death, looks like an ominous invention. But the creators of Tikker pursue another goal - they want people to stop fearing death and live by the principle “I am the master of my life.” True, the true purpose of such a watch, probably, few will understand.

My favorite things in life do not buy for any money. Obviously, time is our most valuable resource, ”said Steve Jobs.

The watch developers have long since raised funds forproducing them with Kickstarter and now selling them for $ 59. The accessory, of course, is clearly an amateur, but for the idea we definitely like them. Would you buy such a watch? Write in the comments and in our Telegram-chat.