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Wacom Intuos Review: Budget Graphics Tablet

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Wacom graphic tablets help get bothphysical and practical experience in digital art. The company is known for its professional tools with accompanying prices, but the Intuos series is designed as an affordable product for beginners in the field of illustration, design and photo editing. On the review of the tablet Wacom Intuos.

Let's see what the budget graphics tablet Wacom.

  • Prices and Versions
  • Screenless design
  • Tablet setup
  • Gadget for beginners
  • Which version to choose?
  • Should I buy?
  • Wacom Intuos Price and Versions

    Cost from 80 $ (5 000 r.) To 200 $ (12 600 r.), the Intuos series (not to be confused with the Intuos Pro line, which costs from $ 250) offers users pen control with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

    Wacom Intuos comes in two versions - with7-inch and 10-inch diagonal working surface. A smaller version is available with and without Bluetooth, while the larger model comes only with Bluetooth.

    Screenless design

    Unlike the Wacoms flashier Cintiq, Intuos does nothas a screen. All movements / movements of the pen or finger over the surface are displayed on a computer monitor. Most of the tablet is occupied by the working surface, which measures 8.5 × 5.3 inches for a larger one and 6 × 3.7 inches for a smaller version.

    Above the work surface is a set of fivebuttons, called Express Keys. The buttons are slightly recessed into the case. The middle turns the tablet on and off, helps to set up Bluetooth The remaining four are customizable and can be programmed to control various functions in different applications.

    Pen Wacom Intuos (stylus) looks standard. However, it has two buttons on the side, which are also customizable. I noticed that after a long use of the stylus, tiny scratches remain on the working surface.

    Intuos body is made of smooth blackplastic. On the bottom there are 4 rubber pads for greater stability during operation. Despite the plastic assembly, the device looks more expensive than it costs.

    Tablet setup

    Computer defines Wacom Intuos as standarda mouse that can be used in any program. To get started, you must install the Wacom software, which allows you to customize the buttons, view the battery life and control other functions.

    Initial setup is fairly simple, thanks to on-screen software instructions. I tested Intuos on a Mac, but, the system is also compatible with all Windows, with the exception of Windows 10.

    Bluetooth setup is simple here, Intuosconnects the first time. When Bluetooth is synchronized, the only thing that is required is to connect a USB cable for charging. The battery life here corresponds to the 15-hour clock announced by Wacom. (The cheapest Intuos does not have Bluetooth and relies heavily on USB).

    While the setup itself is simple,adjusting individual user parameters takes time and experimentation. The express buttons on this graphic tablet can be configured as mouse buttons, navigation buttons (scrolling and zooming) and on-screen controls. The most useful is the ability to assign a key combination to one express button. This allows you to set the most complex set of keys for one click.

    Two buttons on the handle of the Wacom Intuos offerthe same number of settings and allow you to use the pen as a mouse. You can change the sensitivity of the tip of the stylus to make it more comfortable for different types of touches.

    Gadget for beginners

    Options available to photographers in Wacom Intuossettings for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. In Lightroom, two left express buttons are used to increase and decrease the size of the brush, and the two right ones are for quick access to the local brush tools. Everything in Photoshop is the same. Here you can also set the buttons for the most frequently used commands.

    Unusually use Wacom looking not at hand indrawing time, and on the computer monitor. But this strange feeling disappears as you work on the tablet. This has its advantage, since your hand does not block when drawing an image on a digital canvas.

    The biggest advantage of the Intuos pen ispressure sensitivity. Greater pressure creates smaller, but darker strokes, while less pressure creates a line the size of a selected brush and a larger gradient. The pressure sensitivity of the Wacom stylus allows you to get the maximum brush size, or only a part, with a slight pressure.

    Thanks to this feature, Intuos significantlywill save time for those who perform many complex strokes, as it reduces time when switching between different brushes and transparency settings For photographers, these benefits may not seem so obvious, since the dodge and burn tools are very sensitive to pressure.

    Wacom Intuos is the most effective, withterms of sensitivity, to pressure, since editing here seems more natural. Using the pen to eliminate various defects in photographs significantly speeds up the process than using a mouse, making the tedious work more enjoyable.

    Which version of Wacom Intuos to choose?

    Wacom offers Intuos in two sizes. A smaller version requires more screen scaling when working with small and subtle details. By choosing it, you can save some money, but you will not have Bluetooth support.

    Larger Intuos, sold for $ 200 (12 600 p.). Here users also get access to three graphics programs.


    Wacom Intuos is a great opportunity for simple digital editing of photos and illustrations using the stylus.

    Despite the lack of more advanced options,customizable buttons and high sensitivity pen significantly increase the speed of work with many types of brushes, making the workflow more efficient.

    Should I buy?

    It all depends on the needs of the user. Wacom Intuos is a great choice for those who often use a brush, pen, eraser and other standard tools for writing, editing and do not need extra. options.

    Benefits of Wacom Intuos

    • Excellent stylus responsiveness.
    • There are shortcut keys.
    • The stylus is comfortable to hold.
    • Good price / performance ratio.
    • Battery life 15 hours.

    Intuos Disadvantages

    • Scratches appear on the surface.
    • A thorough initial setup is required.

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