Vulnerability in FaceTime allows you to spy on the owners of Apple-gadgets (2 pics + video)

American Apple Company GuideIt has repeatedly spoken out with harsh criticism of such technological giants of the industry as Google and Facebook, who openly practice trading in “impersonal data” of their clients, obtained by collecting information in various ways. Most of the users under the hour do not even suspect what tricks corporations use for this. And if the general public becomes aware of doubtful methods, it is still impossible for people to completely stop data transmission by adjusting the settings of their devices. With any new software or OS update, the company can reactivate the collection of information or add new items, which by default, without notifying the user, are already in the “on” status. But the discovered vulnerability in FaceTime messenger after iOS 12.1.2 update turns the iPhone, iPad, and iMac computers with macOS into real spyware that pry and eavesdrop on their hosts in favor of the caller, even if they did not answer the incoming call.

A dangerous vulnerability appeared in FaceTime afterHow Apple added support for group calls with up to 32 people in the latest OS update. The method of activation of the bug is very simple. To do this, you must send a “victim” a call via FaceTime and even before the answer of the potential interlocutor svaypnut up and through the “Add a buddy” enter the additional phone number. The program will consider that a group call is being made and the connection has already been established, and therefore it will begin to transmit sound and a picture from the selfie-camera of the called person.

Of course, if the connection is two-way, thenno crime here. However, if the subscriber did not pick up the phone or did not wish to answer the call by pressing the power or volume buttons, FaceTime still activates the transmission of the image and sound to the person who initiated the call.

Reportedly, Apple already knows about the error, andCorrection promise to release before the end of the week. But for now, in order not to become a victim of espionage, we recommend that you turn off FaceTime via iOS settings and / or in the application menu for Mac. Although the company for its part has temporarily suspended the group call processing server.

- nic nguyen (@itsnicolenguyen) January 29, 2019