Vulnerability found for all Intel processors

Modern computers equipped with the mostadvanced processors, at times are at risk of data loss due to critical vulnerabilities in the hardware of the device. BitDefender announced a vulnerability in almost all Intel processors that could give hackers access to the computer’s core memory. As a result, confidential user information may fall into third parties.

Vulnerability is present in Intel chipsusing the SWAPGS system call, which is part of speculative functions that allow the central processor to predict the execution of tasks in anticipation of their relevance. It was found that this vulnerability is not eliminated by new types of hardware-level protection introduced after the detection of Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities.

It is speculative performance that enhancessystem performance, creates an opportunity for attackers to access the user's personal information. This feature was also used during the recent Specter, Meltdown and Foreshadow attacks.

SWAPGS protocol is used in almost allIntel processors manufactured after 2012, third-generation Intel Core processors and higher are vulnerable. A threat exists for corporate users working with Intel processors installed on servers, as well as for cloud services clients. Hackers can obtain data about passwords, credentials and other personal information of the user.

BitDefender Announces About One Yearworks with Microsoft, the Linux Foundation, and other companies to create protection against this problem. Experts advise users to try to regularly update the security system of operating systems.