VR-series will allow earthlings to carry out a virtual "exit" into outer space

Advances in technology enable humanityconstantly receive photographs and videos of space objects, observe the Earth and other planets, observe distant galaxies. Now equipment has been delivered to the International Space Station (ISS), which allows filming the spacewalk using a 3D camera.

A new one was delivered to the ISS last week.scientific equipment, including a custom-made 3D camera designed to capture 360-degree video of a spacewalk in virtual reality. The resulting content will allow earthlings with the help of VR equipment to experience the "exit" into space in virtual reality.

The development of the Z-Cam V1 Pro camera isthe result of a partnership program between Felix & Paul Studios, Time Studios and space technology expert Nanoracks. The camera is intended for filming an episode of a spacewalk for the TV series Space Explorers: The ISS Series.

Video filming will be carried out usingthe Kaber MicroS satellite device from Nanoracks that will power the Z-Cam V1 Pro. The camera is controlled by the robotic arm Canadarm2, which is used on the ISS to move external loads. Canadarm2 will in essence be a crane like the devices used on film sets on Earth.

The Z-Cam V1 Pro uses nine 4K sensors,the image from which is integrated into a 360-degree video with a resolution of 8K. Nanoracks has provided the camera with protection against vacuum, UV radiation, ionizing radiation and sudden temperature changes from -250 to +250 degrees Celsius. The hermetically sealed camera body has an aluminum shield for radiation protection. The camera also receives an active heating system and a passive cooling system, which will allow it to work in space for a week.

The resulting video frames will be available to users in the Oculus app store. Already there you can watch the first two episodes of Space Explorers using a VR headset.

Source: techcrunch