Volvo showed unmanned electric truck without cab

Self-driving cars are getting moreSpread. And it concerns not only “cars”, but also quite big trucks. And recently, one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world, the Volvo carmaker, presented its vision of the long-haul truck of the future.

The concept is called Vera. Despite the fact that most of the work on the project has been completed, the truck is still being finalized and Volvo specialists are not ready to give even an approximate date for the car to go on sale. Nevertheless, the corporation has a plan for entering the market: at the very start, Vära will be used in a limited number of locations, such as ports, warehouse centers, and so on, without going to busy motorways. Made it, of course, for debugging technology. As Volvo CTO Lars Stenquist stated,

“Of course, in the near future, truckers are notlose their jobs and manage their cars themselves. However, over time, cargo autonomous transport will become more and more popular. And soon we will see what he is doing in limited test areas. ”

As for the characteristics of the truck, it is capablepull up to 32 tons of cargo and is compatible with all known standard types of trailers. The battery life of the truck at the moment is not reported, because this figure may still change in the future. However, during the presentation, Vera entered the enclosed area without assistance, after which visitors were allowed to approach and consider it in more detail.

"Autonomous unmanned trucks will allowto work around the clock, which is very beneficial for many companies. This will optimize turnover and potentially reduce delivery time, increasing productivity. At the same time, new autonomous technologies will increase the need for highly skilled drivers, because the autopilot will take over the routine tasks, and the person will be engaged in more complex things. At the same time, if necessary, the autonomous transport can be controlled remotely. ”

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