Volunteers played Tetris with the power of thought

In 2017, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX Ilon Muskgot the idea to create an interface for the direct exchange of information between the human brain and the computer. For this, he opened the company Neuralink, but there is a huge chance that it would take decades to translate Ilona’s ideas into reality. It is good that not only he is burning with such ideas, but also researchers from the University of Washington. In September 2018, they invented a system for creating a "telepathic" connection between three people.

The technology presented by scientists is calledBrainNet. To demonstrate its work, the researchers gave three volunteers an unusual task - to play Tetris together, adhering to certain conditions. The main one is as follows: a person who can control the game pieces does not see the screen with the game. The task of the other two people who are looking at the monitor screen is to mentally tell him where to move the figures.

Tetris was used as an example.tasks in which two people see his decision but cannot act. Such conditions motivate them to interact with a third person who can act, but does not see the solution. As an example, you can use other games - explained Professor Rajesh Rao.

To read the electrical activity of the brainTwo people scientists used an electroencephalogram (EEG). The third person could understand their instructions only by the flashing of the LED lights. Professor Rajesh Rao acknowledged that at this stage the technology looks very primitive:

Modern interfaces are extremely limited in the amount of information transmitted.

Another participant in the project, Linsing Jiang, sees intechnology great promise. According to him, in the future, it will help people communicate with brain injuries, transferring their thoughts to other people's brains, or simply to computers.

Details of the experiment can be found in the BrainNet: A Multi-Person Brain-to-Brain Interface for Direct Collaboration Between Brains article.

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