Volta - an electric bike that does not need recharging (6 photos)

Over one and a half centuries after the inventionBicycle movement was provided by the muscular strength of the user's foot pedal. However, the era of high technology makes its changes even in such a traditional form of transport. The developers of the Dutch launch company Byar Bicycle proposed the original design of an electric Volta bike with a shaft drive and regenerative braking.

Volta bike is remembered at first sight,since it does not have the usual chain transmission. The large-diameter cylindrical frame houses a 250-watt Bike + electric motor from Zehus, an Italian manufacturer, and sensors that measure torque, tilt and speed. Also inside the bike are built-in controllers, Bluetooth, GPS and a rechargeable battery of 160 Wh, the energy reserve, which is replenished at the time of regenerative braking. The battery will allow you to travel a distance of 160 km. Mass electric bike - 22.5 kg.

The idea of ​​using the shaft drive onbicycles were implemented quite a long time ago, however, the chain drive displaced the free-wheeling muscle due to more efficient energy conversion into rotational motion of the wheels. In addition, the drive on the basis of the shaft is much more difficult to manufacture, and therefore costs much more. The situation has changed with the invention of cheap batteries and electric motors. Now cyclists will be able to fully take advantage of the shaft drive, which works silently, much stronger than a chain drive and does not require constant care.

To start the operation of the motor bikeshould accelerate to a speed of 5 km / h, at this very moment the built-in application turns on the Bike + motor via Bluetooth. To activate the electric drive, it is necessary to develop a speed of up to 10 km / h and make three turns of the pedals in the opposite direction. Rotation of the pedals back also includes a regenerative braking system, slowing down the movement and generating energy, which then enters the battery. For emergency braking, hydraulic brakes are provided.

The application provides a choiceone of 7 trip modes. So Turbo is a mode when the engine is always on, and it provides a trip of 35 km. Range mode is more economical and will allow you to expand the radius of the trip using the electric drive up to 90 km. In Bike + mode, the cyclist can recharge the battery due to regenerative braking with easy trains.

The cost of a Volta bike is $ 4,000, and it is intended for quiet urban trips, as it does not have speeds inaccessible on shaft drives.