Volcanoes could form on the surface of ancient asteroids.

Space Agency NASA intends to startstudy of the metallic asteroid Psyche - for this purpose, the interplanetary station Psyche, which is scheduled to launch in October 2023, will be used. In preparation for the mission, planetary scientists from the University of California at Santa Cruz found that ancient metal asteroids could have volcanic properties. The fact is that in those days they had such a thin shell that the molten iron inside it could burst out with an explosion.

It is known that metallic asteroids beganformed in the earliest years of the formation of the solar system. It is assumed that initially they were molten iron clots floating in space, but over time they began to cool and grow into a solid shell. At the same time, liquid iron was clearly trying to break through and exerted pressure on a metal crust.

Asteroid Psyche

Volcanic properties could possess farnot all metal asteroids. The fact is that some of them hardened from the middle, while others began to harden outside. It was the latter that ultimately proved capable of erupting hot clots. It is noteworthy that if the asteroid consisted of pure iron, then the hot liquid could simply spread over the hard shell. If the composition included gases and other compounds, the eruption was accompanied by an explosion.

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