Vivo will release a real frameless smartphone with a screen on the whole body

Authoritative insider @UniverseIce in hisTwitter posted a snapshot of an unannounced Vivo Nex 3. With this smartphone, the ratio of screen dimensions and front panel will significantly exceed 100%. According to the blog, the glass is rounded almost at a right angle, completely covering the front, side and back sides of the gadget. Neither the holes for the camera, sensors and speakers, or "bangs" is not provided.

In this case, the development still will not be all-glass. From the pictures it is clear that the display of the device consists of 2 parts that are held together on the side faces.

In the case of at least partial truthfulness of thisVivo leaks for the first time bring the dream to Johnny Ive, who previously worked as Apple’s chief designer. He always wanted to create a smartphone that looks like a single piece of glass. And yet there are still a lot of ambiguities with the design of the new items from Vivo. For example, since the future Vivo Nex 3 does not have cutouts on the display, it is unclear where and how cameras will be hidden. Perhaps they will leave the case by analogy with the Vivo Nex or Samsung Galaxy A80.

Note that the companies Vivo Nex and Oppo belongto one holding company BBK Electronics (China), therefore, they have a general access to technologies, and therefore can equally use them. Questions remain and to the source of the phrase about the "full screen". How exactly it will be implemented is not yet clear. It is possible that both the front and back sides will receive full-fledged displays, like those of the Vivo Nex Dual Display Edition, and the screens on the side faces will become an integral part of them, helping to manage the functionality of the smartphone.

Source: @UniverseIce