Vivo presented AR Glasses glasses with many features (9 photos + video)

Vivo continues to amaze its fans with interesting devices - new products from its developers. The subject of a recent presentation was the Vivo AR Glasses Augmented Reality Headset.

The novelty has 6 degrees of freedom, it contains twotransparent display with a resolution of 720p. Complete with a modified gaming smartphone IQOO, as demonstrated by the company at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, the Vivo AR Glasses headset works smoothly in a given mode. The components of this device are connected using USB Type-C wiring.

To complete the task: viewing 3D video, performing operations in a virtual office, including checking your e-mail in augmented reality, as well as using the gaming function in the device uses three cameras, two of which estimate the depth of the scene, and the third is based on the RGB sensor. At the same time, the device owner has two options for interacting with it: using eye movement (which is simpler, but the operation is performed slowly so far) and by typing, selecting parameters and other manipulations on the smartphone, visually contacting the screen with glasses.

In the future, the company intends to "train" Vivo ARGlasses display information about the people you meet. Of course, the big question is how this function meets the requirements of confidentiality and how its work will be ensured, but research in this direction is already underway.

While the headset augmented reality Vivo AR Glasses declared as a prototype. Neither the company entered the market, nor the price for it.