Visualization of the solar system shows its true size (2 videos)

It is extremely difficult for the human imagination to realizethe gigantic dimensions of our solar system, which, in fact, is just a tiny fraction of the vast Universe. James O’Donoghue, an astronomer studying the planets, tried to visualize in a short video the complex structure of the solar system and gave the comparative sizes of the planets and our star - the Sun. The scientist explained that any demonstration of our system contains conscious distortions of the true dimensions necessary to create its model.

Demonstrate the comparative dimensions of twoIt is not difficult to planets, but to “squeeze” all the planets of the solar system in one image while maintaining the scaled sizes of their orbits around the sun is extremely difficult. In the event of a uniform decrease in all the objects of our system, viewers will see only the huge Sun, the dimensions of which are significantly larger than the largest planets.

The same problem occurs with the image of the orbits of the planets. Viewers will be able to see only the trajectories of planetary rotation, against which the dimensions of the celestial bodies themselves are meager.

Scientist has proposed visualization of the entire solarsystems in such a way that it can be demonstrated on a single image. To do this, all the sizes of the planets are increased by 3,500 times, however, the dimensions of the Sun remained unchanged. Only after that, with proper scaling, the viewer will be able to observe in one video a full-fledged model of the solar system.

Source: businessinsider