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Visa embeds a fingerprint in its payment systems

All of us have long been accustomed to biometricsensors in our devices, but at the same time, if we need to withdraw money from a plastic card, we still use not the safest method like a PIN code. But Visa decided to change this and began to embed a fingerprint scanner in its cards.

It is worth noting that introduce a new methodVisa representatives decided for a reason. A large-scale survey was conducted in which users chose a new method. It itself lies in the fact that everyone who uses a new type of Visa card will be able to apply the usual procedure for confirming their identity with a fingerprint. The fingerprint scanner is activated the moment the card is inserted into the terminal. If the user puts his finger, the chip will verify the fingerprint with the archive and allow or prohibit the processing of the transaction. In addition, the “traditional” PIN verification method will be available.

The system is completely autonomous, as the fingerprintIt is stored only on the card itself, and when used, the chip is powered from the terminal. The first new cards will be distributed among employees and customers of Mountain America Credit Union and Bank of Cyprus. According to Visa spokesman Mark Nelson,

“The whole system works very elegantly, quickly andimperceptibly. She recognizes me in a split second. We conducted a survey, and among all the proposed options for biometric identification, fingerprint recognition received the highest percentage of trust (50%) as the desired authentication tool to confirm payments. "